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Tales of MI - graphic issues and some examples

posted by Edward VanHelgen on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
First of all, i m nothing of a graphic expert - i dont even know to use photoshop properly.

Also, there has been much talk about which is better, SE or Tales, Tales or Escape, are Monkey 1 and 2 better drawn and so on.

Its hard to compare different styles, but no, Tales of MI is not looking worse then SE speaking in some general graphic issues, and actually Tales of MI Guybrush is better looking then SE one, which wasnt a hard thing to do


and pretty good on the spot with its design. however, and without arguing on 3d aspect, graphics could certanly use some details, in therms of variety for example. i dont wanna go into financial or budget issues as i understand it, but in therms of some more simple decisions, details, choice of colours, patterns and so on. many 3d games tend to look a little straightforward in terms of colours, like its a set and stage at the theater that u watch for couple of hours with the same background props for the scenes. thats the problem i find also with similiar games, counting there also Sam & Max and Wallace and Grommit.

Of course, i m bothered with this because i think Tales of MI shure is actually not bad looking, even if now we are talking about 3d with keyboard controls, but i ll leave that aside for now.

So, where i m pointing. If we turn attention onto the water, you could really sense some little variety while looking at the scenes and screenshots, and somehow the whole scene looks bland. i tried to break the monotony with some different or agressive choice of colour, to look somehow more natural, and at the same time, more cartoonish as well.

image image

the second scene has also redesigned water, but this time with some different patterns and couple of variations, where i just added some more waves, but still the whole scene feels a little different. Also, if we add variety for the clouds as well, i think the scene is a growing somehow, with a sense of wide area, like area where we would sail later on.

image image image

As for the third example, i simply changed the sand which is down right where Guybrush is standing, trying to make a little twist to design and colour scheme without changing too much of original design, to make it look maybe more detailed or rich.

image image
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  • Only problem so far I can see in TOMI is the clouds and Lighting, look at the first three games and how they used lighting, of look at the LA Sam and Max games opening... I would ask they make the clouds more gasp cartoonish and defines, and the lighting a little more moody.... But otherwise I think they are doing a good job where design is concerned..
  • Or closer to CMI's colors (with blueish shadow areas from the sky), and maybe a touch of distance fog (for more depth):


    Just an idea... but I'm sure Telltale will make it look good anyway.
  • In all those examples, I prefer the originals.
  • Toothless Gibbon;132042 said:
    In all those examples, I prefer the originals.
    I agree. Particularly with the sand. MI has never been about realism, but stylized beauty. And this is what Tales looks to be continuing.
  • originals definitely look better. and I really agree with finite on the stylized beauty argument.
  • Laserschwert;132029 said:
    wow, u nailed it on that one, great work
  • I love Laserschwert's work here.
  • definitely liking the fog idea, as it mutes the colours to allow for atmospheric perspective. Not liking the blue toning to it tho, I think the blue definitely needs a turquoise tint for the Caribbean.

    Edward brings up some interesting points, as the colour schemes do seem a little too straightforward in the game. They primarily come across as local tones, which would be a shame to rely on, as it doesn't give anything to the well-modeled sets. However, I think what you need to do, Edward, is consider the example textures you are using. They all come across as "noisy" and a little rough, unfortunately working against your argument. I appreciate your effort in trying to press the issue, but layouts in general (in cartoons and games) need to support the characters within them. I think if you'd chosen a more muted colour scheme for the waves etc. then it would work a little better.

    However, some interesting ideas here!
  • From what I've heard and what I understand, the screenshots and video we've seen of ToMI so far are from an unfinished product and should be taken just as that. They have said the current graphics may not be final (but don't expect anything drastically different, just lighting, maybe some special shaders?) And given Telltale's turn around time of a game season every quarter, a month's worth of work on a Telltale game is a lot of work.
  • I definitely prefer the originals, in all cases.

    ToMI != CMI, we shouldn't be trying to make it so, those highly defined clouds don't mesh at all with the rest of the visuals, which don't have the same outline to their visuals. This would lead to a horrible mish-mash of designs, and imply poor art direction.

    Art direction/animation is something I geek over, as people have probably seen in other threads, and these are two things ToMI gets right. If it isn't broke, don't try to fix it until it is broke. And ToMI definitely isn't broke, but in the above 'fixes', it is.

    Sorry. :/
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