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Concepts and Such

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Stuff that has lead up to current designs and stuff that has just been left to die.
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  • We could have at least a gallery with the fan-made stuff. The albums of the forum limit pics on 800x600.
  • That sounds cool... Hm, should we talk to the guys at World of Monkey Island? They have a "Fan Creations" section.
  • Everyone should have such T-shirt!
  • Where's the "and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt" text? :p
  • That would be on the backside :D
  • LukeSW;131785 said:
    See, the reason that I liked Guybrush's appearance in LeChuck's Revenge was because it suggested that the character had developed. In the first game, he wants to be a MIGHTY pirate; in the sequel, he is getting closer to achieving his goal, and this is reflected in his appearance. As much as I love CMI, Guybrush's appearance felt like a step backwards, and the same is true for EMI.

    What I like about Guybrush's appearance in Tales of Monkey Island is that Guybrush is clearly older - he's lived the adventurous pirate lifestyle for a while now, he's become part of the pirate community, and his appearance reflects this. It'd be nice if at some point in the upcoming series, he met a young idealistic youth who says to him "I want to be a MIGHTY pirate! Just like you!"
    I loved the beard Guybrush sported in MI2! I sorta like his goatee from the new one as well, although nothing beads a good beard. :)
  • Ne0n;132499 said:
    Everyone should have such T-shirt!
    Only if its 100% cotton.
  • SRTie4k;132525 said:
    Only if its 100% cotton.
    [QUOTE=Ne0n;132499]Everyone should have such T-shirt!

    If you click on the image, then when on imageshack click it again, and you will get a higher resolution. Then look at the info-flap on top of the shirt. :)
  • I came across this site while looking up some old images for comparison's sake. I nice quick refrence:

    Whenever I play through MI2 I always find it strange seeing the enlarged shot of Guybrush on the pier with the fisherman. I think mainly because he has a fuller beard there.

    I really like a lot of the concept art, and I can understand the descision to my him look more world weary. What I'll be interested to see will be if he's retained an element of innocence underneath that. To my mind he's still an enthusiatic kid beneath it all. (voodoo fairground or no voodoo fairground)
  • as far as the animation in this vs the previous games goes, a talented animator can bring life to anything no matter how much 'articulation' it has. look at Luxo Jr for a perfect example of that...

    however, the more articulation built into the models, and specifically into their faces, the better. Tales has added more right? that gives the already talented animators more to work with. the animation wasn't BAD before and GOOD now, but the improvements to the engine now allow for a wider range of movement and will allow some subtleties to come into play.

    which is good really, since this is the first time one of their series hasn't had a lump of plasticene, an anthropomorphic animal or a 2d flash animated something or other as the main characters.

    love the concept art by the way.
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