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Concepts and Such

posted by Ry Guy Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 8.2K users
Stuff that has lead up to current designs and stuff that has just been left to die.
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  • plagiarize;132548 said:
    a lump of plasticene, an anthropomorphic animal
    Just WHAT do you mean by that? What's you're problem with W&G and S&M? :(
  • Secret Fawful;132612 said:
    Just WHAT do you mean by that? What's you're problem with W&G and S&M? :(
    I don't think he meant anything negative -- W&G are originally "claymation" characters and plasticine is modeling clay, and anthropomorphic animal just means a character that is an animal with human characteristics.

    Monkey Island will be TT's first game in which all of the main characters are basically human.

    *edit* -- not counting CSI... or texas hold'em... :D
  • plagiarize;132548 said:
    one of their series
    Arodin;132632 said:
    -- not counting CSI... or texas hold'em... :D
    Those aren't series ;)
  • About Elaine...
    Ry Guy;131286 said:
    I have some stuff for her, just need to scan it on monday..
    Any luck with that scanner? :D
  • Can we have some more pretty pictures please? We are like insatiable, little, baby birds, begging for more ... regurgitated ... character designs ...? Okay, so the simile kind of fell apart on me, but you get the gist. Also, have you done any cross-IP doodles, like a zombie Le Chuck beating up Jurgen, or getting his groove on with the Voo Doo Lady at the Zombie Factory? And if you haven't, gee whiz! Wouldn't that be fun to draw?:D
  • I believe Ry said he was looking into seeing if he could get some time to whip up some original wallpapers.. so that could be keeping him busy. :)
  • mhaley;130658 said:
    that guybrush, bottom row, just to the left of the big guybrush on the right, THAT to me is a nearly perfect original "true" guybrush look.
  • LukeSW;131785 said:
    See, the reason that I liked Guybrush's appearance in LeChuck's Revenge was because it suggested that the character had developed. In the first game, he wants to be a MIGHTY pirate; in the sequel, he is getting closer to achieving his goal, and this is reflected in his appearance. As much as I love CMI, Guybrush's appearance felt like a step backwards, and the same is true for EMI.

    What I like about Guybrush's appearance in Tales of Monkey Island is that Guybrush is clearly older - he's lived the adventurous pirate lifestyle for a while now, he's become part of the pirate community, and his appearance reflects this. It'd be nice if at some point in the upcoming series, he met a young idealistic youth who says to him "I want to be a MIGHTY pirate! Just like you!"
    I agree with growth, but prefer it having little to no real aging (at least in the generational scope), and more importantly Guybrush never actually having any credibility as a pirate. I just think it's way funnier how other pirates still don't take him seriously at all in MI2, lol. He's always trying to prove himself as a real pirate, and it just never works, he'll never fit in, but he manages to clumsily find his way to the finish line. He was never actually cut out for it. Even Elaine wears the pants. To me, that's central to his character.
  • hey guys, what about a "locked" thread just to keep the concepts and designs for clean view instead of 95% of non design replyes?
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