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Shipping status - blank

posted by thylacine on - last edited - Viewed by 364 users

Ordered the Sam and Max sketchbook on Oct 17, and almost immediately got email that it was backordered. However the next day I got an email saying it had shipped. That would've been the 18th or the 19th (here in Aus).

I'm in Australia as I say, so I expect it'll probably take a while to get here anyway, but when I check the order status (off DigitalRiver), Order Status field is blank.

Does it sound like it HAS actually shipped, or maybe something's been confused? Seems a bit odd I was told it was backordered, and the status field is still blank, but then told it had shipped the next day.

Any idea how long it'd take to get here (I know you have no power over that, just wondering if you've heard how long it would take to get here from others), ie when I should start worrying heh ;-)

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