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Give us the translations!

posted by jazzRic on - last edited - Viewed by 7.2K users
Dear TellTale,
we want, we need, the translation (subtitles at least) of Monkey Island in Italian and other languages.
If you don't give us a translation all the community will be very angry with you.
You can't do a game like MI excluding so many can't.

Come on..
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  • ... I hope they do one in sign language
  • Mi esperas ke ili disponigos version Esperantan.
  • Esperanto eh?

    vi povas bonvolu alvok la halo portisto? Tie ŝajnas esti rano en mia bidet!
  • corruptbiggins;132871 said:
    Esperanto eh?

    vi povas bonvolu alvok la halo portisto? Tie ŝajnas esti rano en mia bidet!
    Via gramatiko estas abomeninda. Kaj la citaĵo efektiva de Ruĝa Nano estas, "Bonvolu alsendi la pordiston? Lausajne estas rano en mia bideo!"

    Binos-la i tradutod Volapükik.
  • Hi,

    I'm french, but I can read English !!! Please, give us subs in english at least !!!!!

    thanks !!!
  • regdobey;133023 said:

    I'm french, but I can read English !!! Please, give us subs in english at least !!!!!

    thanks !!!
    I believe there will be.
  • Wicked;132595 said:
    Sure they can!
    It's not their fault that there are people who can't understand Engilsh.
    Coming to think about it, not knowing English these days is a major drawback!
    Dear Mr. Wicked,
    And if the game will be relased ONLY in italian, for example? Can you understand italian language? It's not a my fault if you can't uderstand other languages...THIS is a big drawback.

    I can speak and read english without big problems.
    Maybe you're still a very very young boy and your age can't help you to understand the fact.
    Listen to me:
    Many years ago Monkey Island appeared on the Amiga scene. The game were translated in many languages (of course) so that all the people could understand the story and the humor of the game. (the lucasarts is a serious software house..but this is another story).
    If the Telltale relase the game ONLY in english, me and many many many many many other guys around the world won't understand the game...the humor, the story, because there are things that work in english but need to be translated in other language to gain a real sense.
    I hope that now you can uderstand how important is the translation of a game/film/book and whatever you want.
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    I think it would be important (VERY IMPORTANT) to make some non-english versions for those whom have not had the education in our language or whom have english as a 2nd language.

    My reasoning behind this is purely nerd-gamer related. A LOT/Majority of the great adventure games coming out over the last 10 years have been from overseas (namely Europe). Just because the U.S.A is finally getting back into the swing of things shouldn't mean they can ignore the people that have kept adventure games alive in the mean time. Yes, a lot of those European games did come out in english but that doesnt mean we shouldnt be culturally appreciative and help the Europeans out a bit.

    Make it in German, Dutch and French for a start. Up to price for the alternate language versions by several dollars per episode to help pay for it.

    these are just my personal thoughts, not trying to push them on anybody :) you all raised various great points and i by no mean think my subjective view of the world is the correct one :)

  • Hmm yeah, I think not translating it to italian, spanish and french would be a missed oppurtunity of revenue. Italians inserted english into the curriculum in like 2000, so they're kinda worthless. I don't think german, because germans actually speak like semi-decent. And making it in dutch is just a huge waste, dutch people talk better english than us scandies even.
  • A German translation would be pretty nice. The German guys did a great job on MI3 and MI4 even if some jokes didn't work because they were untranslatable.
    I don't really need a translation. But adventure games are still a big thing in Germany and they never went out of style. There is a huge fanbase in Germany.
    A translation would honour that.
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