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Question on purchase of S&M S2 and Tales of MI

posted by Calavera on - last edited - Viewed by 318 users
Hi, I would like to buy these games but I got some questions:

I understand that Telltale is gonna ship the dvd for the Tales of MI to buyers of the game after all the episodes are released.

I also intend to buy the Surfin the Highway Softcover Special. Can i get all the stuff from the 2 purchases to be shipped at the same time?
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  • You'll have to come back here to place an order for the DVD, to pay for shipping. You can add other merchandise to your order at the same time. This won't be until sometime in 2010, when the DVD is released.

    That being said, we can't promise that the Softcover Special or any other special bundles will still be available then. The Surfin' the Highway bundles were introduced because of the Eisner Awards and may not be around indefinitely.
  • How are the chances of the Sam & Max DVDs in general are still available when the Monkey Island DVD comes out? Not sure yet, but I might order them together then.
  • Season Two should definitely be available, and I *think* Season One will be as well but can't promise it. We're running low on those and I don't know at this point what the plans are for a reprint.
  • Can you be sure that Season One DVD will be able when the Wallace and Gromit DVD comes out?
  • I think it will, but can't be certain.
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