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Private Pirate Monkey Brainstorming...

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Hey guys 'n' gals,

In the spirit of "tapping the hive mind," I've got a few enigmatic questions for y'all:

-- What sort of book titles do you think could be found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf? Y'know, things like "The Joy of Hex," or "Screams of My Father."

-- For reasons that defy explanation, we're trying to enumerate dozens of unique kinds of winds, things like "The Wind the Blows Off Your Hat," or "The Wind that Sounds Remarkably Like an Unhappy Echidna." Can you think of any others?

-- Lastly, what's your pirate name?

Not promising anything,
Mike "Sleepy Boy" Stemmle
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  • book titles found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf

    "How to Make Voodoo Dolls and Influence People"
    "How Do You Do That Voodoo That You Do?"
    "Love Bombs: The Essential Safety Guide"
    "101 Uses for Snake Tongues"
    "Harry Potter Box Set, Books 1 - 7"

    unique kinds of winds
    strong winds
    The Wind That Makes Your Eyes Squinty
    The Wind That Carried the Smell of Baking Bread
    The Wind That Gave You Goosepimples
    The Wind That Gave Chicago It's Nickname

    weak winds
    The Wind That Failed to Blow Out Your Birthday Candles
    The Wind That Tickled Your Neck
    The Wind That Started the Butterfly Effect

    -- Lastly, what's your pirate name?
    Cobb Vandeventer
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    ttg_Stemmle;135161 said:
    Man youze guys is funny (not to mention fast)!

    Keep em coming,
    Mike "Sea++, heh" Stemmle
    It has a ring to it, or perhaps a loop. :D
  • Just tossing out some ideas for books...forgive me if they've already been said.

    Animal Pharm
    Hex Club -- first rule is you don't talk about it
    The Curse of Wrath
    Lord of the Potions

    Yeah, they're lame...but at least I tried, right? *feels less lazy*

    The Wind that Knocks You Off Your Peglegs
    The Wind that Blows in a Sorta South-Eastern Direction
    The Wind that Doesn't Technically Do Anything
    The Wind. Deal with it.
    The Wind that is Actually a Cunningly Hidden Cannon.

    Pirate name is Victor the Vengeful, because to the Victor go the spoils.
  • Book:
    Organ grinding and you (woah, this can mean three different things)

    The wind that always blows the wrong way
    The wind that shivers timbers
    The wind that makes timbers shiver

    I'm not that good a pirate, so I go by the name of Landlubber Luke.
  • -The Real Secret of Monkey Island and Why You'll Never Know It by Gon Rilbert
    -The Second Largest Book of Voodoo You'll Ever See

    This is slightly OT, but semi-related: Is there any object in the game (a stick perhaps) that could be named the "Private Pirate's Club?" That would be awesome.

  • Books:
    "Voodoo in a Nutshell - From Needles to Curses"
    "Voodoo in 21 Days"
    or better
    "Voodoo in 21 Days - Defeat Chuck Norris with Voodoo in 21 Days"

    "The Wind the answers are blowing in"

    Pirate Name:
    "Fat Joe"
  • Niccely done to whoever it was who suggested "The Wind That Cried Mary"



    Simply Hexellent
    Utterley Prophetic - The world's worst oracles


    The Wind that dare not speak its name.
    The Wind that generally impedes progress
  • the wind that's overly frisky
    the wind that callously corrupts children
    the wind that wanted to be a tornado (but failed the exam)
    the wind that cared
    the wind from back in the day when I had to walk fifteen miles to the nearest...

    "Tantalus' Torment: Voodoo as Stress-Reliever"
    "Sisyphus: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Me"
    "How to Make a Whole Lotta Cash Killing Childhood Dreams by James Warp"
    "Life After the Beheading by Navigator-Head"
    "Three Easy Steps to WORLD DOMINATION MWUHAHAHAHA by Murray the EVIL Skull"
    "How to Direct a Naive Kid to His Gruesome Fate in Ten Easy Installments by Voodoo Lady"
    "Education and Religion: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, by Abraham Lincoln"
    "Foodoo: The Craze Sweeping the Caribbean 'Foodoo has revitalized my mealtimes!' comment from Voodoo Lady"
    "The First Church of LeChuck: Why Louisiana Must Burn by Allegro Rasputin"
    "Terrorized to Life: Guybrush Threepwood Ruined my Death by The Artist Formerly Known as Ghost Pirate LeChuck"
    "My Battle with Soda Addiction by Stan"
    "I Hate Guybrush Threepwood by The Flying Welshman"
    "I Hate Guybrush Threepwood by Elaine Marley; The Voodoo Lady; LeCuck; Carla; Otis; Stan; et al. In memory of Bob, ruthlessly sprayed down in his prime."
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    ttg_Stemmle;134989 said:

    -- What sort of book titles do you think could be found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf?
    "Cabri sans cor, How to sacrifice your neighbour but not your social life" by M. Gedde
    Gabriel knight reference, I know it's from Sierra, but it's about voodoo, and the game was good :)

    "Cursing and smilling" by H.Bliss

    "What's in your head, zombi ?" by C.berries

    "Is it a living beard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ?" by E.marley
    ttg_Stemmle said:
    -- For reasons that defy explanation, we're trying to enumerate dozens of unique kinds of winds
    The wind that rewinds
    The wind that smells like my feet
    The wind that brings your hat back
    The wind that took by books ideas away
    The wind that defies explanation
    ttg_Stemmle said:
    -- Lastly, what's your pirate name?
    Solal "Crapaud des mers du Sud" De la Manche, barely French corsair
    EDIT : in fact that's my son's pirate name
  • Voodoo Books:

    The Hex and You: The Vodoo That You Do
    Hexed! A History of Vodoo
    Way of the Vodoo: A Discussion of Ethical use of Vodoo
    Who do the Vodoo: A Who's who in the Vodoo world
    Hex'n to Heaven

    Trade Winds:

    The Back Winds
    Wind of the Ghostly Howl
    The Wind of the Stampeding Monkeys
    Wind of the Lost Souls
    The Wind of the Wisps
    Wind of Piraty Intent
    Wind of whalloping you over
    The wind that stole your hat

    Piratey Name

    Arr, me be Wherin Long-John's Silver matey!
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