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Private Pirate Monkey Brainstorming...

posted by ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 16.7K users
Hey guys 'n' gals,

In the spirit of "tapping the hive mind," I've got a few enigmatic questions for y'all:

-- What sort of book titles do you think could be found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf? Y'know, things like "The Joy of Hex," or "Screams of My Father."

-- For reasons that defy explanation, we're trying to enumerate dozens of unique kinds of winds, things like "The Wind the Blows Off Your Hat," or "The Wind that Sounds Remarkably Like an Unhappy Echidna." Can you think of any others?

-- Lastly, what's your pirate name?

Not promising anything,
Mike "Sleepy Boy" Stemmle
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  • "Making Voodoo Cheaper: Chindoo"
    "Chindoo: the cheaper Voodoo"
  • "We do Voodoo" On-board-games for all your scurvy mates. (maybe an idea for a boardgame lying around... G: Hey it says there's a Guybrush-figure in it. But I don't seem to find it... ohh... it's the dog.)
  • "Parley in 6,912 Languages"
  • Romanians, such hard workers. Gotta love'em.
  • Oh, got a couple more:

    "What kind of Magic Spells to Use" by David B.
    Silver's Long Johns Catalogue
    "What I told the Witch-Doctor, Part I: I Was In Love With You"
  • Dairy Farmer;135232 said:
    Sweet merciful monkeys, how long were you writing that post for?

    (Also, you posted at 11:38 in whatever time zone I have this forum set in. Awesome.)
    = ) ) ) ) ) )
    Well, what can I say? When I have ideeas (even bad/mediocre/good ideeas) they don't come one by one :p It's called brainstorming , anything goes, few ideeas remain. :D I'll probably write another post tommorow. It will be my third (of this huuuuge-ness).
    Keep in touch ;)
  • Voodoo Books
    Knowing Your Snake Bites, The Men of PQ 1645-1667, Divine Secrets of the Voo-Doo Sisterhood, 101 Recipes for Coconuts, Life Begins at Zombification

    Names of the Wind
    The Wind that Leaves You Feeling Fresh, The Wind that Brings Ill-smelling News, The Wind that You Knew in High School but Haven't Hung Out With for Four Years, The Wind that Ruffles the Tops of the Palms and Then You Wake-up Two Hours Later Smelling of Coconuts

    And my pirate name is, of course, Captain Lena, Bint el-Bahr! (Daughter of the Sea)
  • onlyamonkey;135239 said:
    Romanians, such hard workers. Gotta love'em.
    Oh, you flatter me, my friend. If only this was true for each and every romanian. :)

    (sorry for the doublepost)

    Have I mentioned that my pirate name is Captain Silverwolf Pet? Or Captain P. Silverwolf? Hmmm, maybe I should use this as my signature :p
  • Got another book or two...
    "The Colour of Voodoo" by Jerry Hatchet
    "16 Uses for Chicken Blood"
    "Zombies: The Teenage Years"
    "My Little Zombie"
  • So many responses already... but here are some ideas. Sorry if I repeat any. I skimmed everybody's but I can't compare 'em all.

    "That Voodoo that you do: Guide to Love"
    "The Secret Diaries of Marie Laveau"
    "Disappearing acts (and other parlor tricks) Vol 5"
    "Gris Gris and Grits: Homestyle cooking"
    "Rubber chickens: To pully or not to pully."
    "Interior Hexorating: A guide to a stylish home defense"
    "Beginners guide to real estate"

    "The Wabbling Wallowing Windy Winding Wind"
    "The Wind that whistles too much"
    "The Wind on a hot summer day."

    Pirate Name
    Captain Nojh, Terror of the 8th Sea

    Wish I had more. Sorry.
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