What did you do at ------'s last moment?

So what did you do to Georgie at the end? Did you let him suffer a painful death? Or did you kill him to end his suffering?

The last scene with Vivian and Georgie, I kinda felt sorry for them in a way. Sure, I was angry that he killed those girls, but at the same time watching him show regret and remorse when Vivian committed suicide made me feel sorry for him.

I killed him because I saw it as a mercy and a form of justice and I don't feel well by leaving him to die a painful death.


  • I granted him mercy and ended his suffering.

  • same here, besides he had already suffered enough with Vivian committing suicide right in front of him

  • I thought he sorta felt sorry about killing the girls ad I thought he liked Vivian and that's why he was so sad/mad when she died so I couldn't just let him suffer. At the start of episode 5 when bigby stabbed him I was like "YEA TAKE IT GEORGIE YOU DICK" but then at the end I felt bad for him and it was crooked man who gave the order

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