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Bone Episode 1

posted by Mimekiller on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
When will it come back to be downloaded!!!!!!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If you own Out From Boneville, and have your order number and password (or already have an activated purchased version on your current computer), you should be all good to go, as the improved version going up next week is a free upgrade.
  • I am puzzled; first, I never entered any activation code into either the Bone games or Sam & Max, but the three games worked straightaway. How were the games authenticated (for the sake of curiosity)? Second, what is the password to my Bone games? At the time of purchase, I only received an order number but didn't get to choose a password like when buying Sam & Max.
    Could you explain briefly how the activation system works?
  • Usually you don't have to enter an activation code. When you buy the game, at the end of the checkout process there is a button for downloading the game. When you do it this way, the game activates automatically. The reason so many people have needed help activating this time is that people who preordered Season 1 didn't get a download button, since they placed the order before the game came out. Entering the order number and password is only necessary if you don't download from the link that shows up at the end of the checkout process, and entering a manual activation key (which we send to you) is only necessary if entering your order number and password doesn't work.

    I just looked up your Bone order, and you did choose a password. I can send it to you if you want.
  • Emily;13438 said:
    We've decided to put it off a little longer, because we'll be releasing a newer and even more improved version than the one that went up with the new website. Details to follow in the blog later this week.
    So is this the thing Jeff Smith mentioned in his blog a while back? Or mainly further technical tweaks? I suppose I should just wait for the blog entry...
  • So is this the thing Jeff Smith mentioned in his blog a while back?
    Maybe... :D
  • Emily;13659 said:
    Maybe... :D
    I have a dream : winter sequences in Out From Boneville. :o
  • Diduz;13685 said:
    I have a dream : winter sequences in Out From Boneville. :o
    Yeah that would be so cool :D
  • hm, so i've wated a while for the game to be back now, checked every day :S pls don't do a blizzard on me :p gief my game pls! do you have an exact date ? :)
  • No, we don't have an exact date, but we're looking at next week sometime.
  • Hey hey, if this is indeed a feature upgrade, take your time. :)
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