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  • Murray will be back he'll make a big impact I'm sure of it
  • It would be cool to have Murry in your inventory even if only briefly.... Imagine him spouting muffled random insults until you let him go.
  • doodo!;132620 said:
    When you phrased it like that "part of some problem " I couldn't agree more. :) Sorry for my tone, I know as much as talking to others, social skills as a bear.

    I just thought that you wanted Murray to be a pivotal part of the game as he was in Mi-3 and I strongly disagreed.
    It seems that we had misunderstanding, while I like seeing old familiar characters in new games, I think that Guybrush, Elaine and LeChuck should get most attention. From secondary characters I would love to see Voodoo Lady and Stan. Others aren't really that important.
  • Wally is ok in my book too
  • I seem to recall reading somewhere, PC Gamer maybe, that Murray wasn't even meant to be a major character. He was intended only for the beginning segment when Guybrush blew him up, but when the demo was released there was such a positive reaction for the character his role was expanded. His popularity clearly knows no bounds, since no one seems to think a new game would be complete without him.

    It'd be fun to have an episode where you carried Murray around like the head of the Navigator from the first game. Then you could have little chats with him at any time and he could comment on the goings on in the game. Kind of like Floyd the Robot.
  • Or he could be your typical adventure sidekick :D, imagine his comments on some of yours ridiculous item use, or his funny hints
  • The youtube video was horrible but why does this murray thread have only 2 stars?
  • I always felt bad for the little guy when Guybrush dumped him at the Carnival..Right when he was starting to be useful.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Haha the anchor is so much more useful though.
  • I bet you could easily have convinced him to take the place of the anchor.
    It is an EVIL plan after all ; P
    He probably would have regreted it afterwards;).
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