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Who loves TellTale Games because of the two new monkey island games?

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  • I believe this is from the new Sam and Max but: I fell so close to Telltale games right now.
    I got tears in my eyes when I found out.
    Not only do they bring back adventure games in big style (yes Sam and Max was great). They also bring back Monkey Island.
    I played the old games so many times I know them by heart.
    But I guess most other people fell the same way.
  • They make me feel.....young. Can they cook, or can they cook !?
  • I liked TellTale when I heard about them because for all intents and purposes they were a two-finger-salute to Jim Ward. I liked them even more when I heard they were making Sam & Max games, though I never bought direct from them because my workload meant I didn't have time to play the series until a considerable time after release, and now that they're making ToMI I want to have their babies.

    I may be male, but if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, so can I! :-)
  • The remake is not made by telltale.. lucasarts are making that.
    Anyway I liked telltale before, when I heard about the sam and max games... now I love them. I have been waiting for another monkey island for ages.. eagarly awaiting news that lucasarts were making a 5th game. Tbh I was beginning to lose hope.. it is the best news ever that they are making episodic games... Thanks telltale!
  • In fact, LucasArts was making Special Edition before work started on Tales. "By a nose" according to the voice of Guybrush, but Special Edition was being made first all the same.

    I also have to go in with the "I loved Telltale already" crowd. Rather, what these new things have done is give me a TON of respect for the new LucasArts President. It's plateauing my once ever-growing hatred I had for LucasArts as a company. Hell, I might even hate them less now!
  • Yeah I know what you mean with that. I was reading the transcript of that Q&A in Myspace (or Facebook or whatever, why do I even care?) and every time I read the answers where they didn't answer straight, I got an immediate feel of animosity and a mental image of Darth Vader with LucasArts stuff all around him before remembering LucasArts are good-guys now :p
  • In my mind they were Star Wars Arts . Which isn't that hard to imagine .
  • As everyone can probably tell, I love Telltale regardless, always have, ever since I played Bone and then the first Sam & Max series on GameTap.
    Rather Dashing;135579 said:
    In fact, LucasArts was making Special Edition before work started on Tales. "By a nose" according to the voice of Guybrush [...]
    Well, that's not specifically true.

    If you're talking about the Dominic Armato quote, he wasn't talking about which game started first at all, as I remember that Q&A from the private pirate's club, which probably shouldn't be mentioned here at all.

    The question was: "Which contacted you first, LucasArts or Telltale?", and his reply that it was LucasArts who pipped in first, by a nose. This does not imply, however, that LucasArts actually started their project first, it simply signifies that LucasArts were the first to ask Armato for his voice talent.

    Until we hear it out of the Horse's mouth, it could've been either way around.
  • VagrantWulf;135722 said:
    Well, that's not specifically true.
    Even if not, then Grossman had a post that said that at some point LucasArts or Telltale pinged the other about Monkey Island, and LucasArts had already ben working on the Special Edition so it seemed like it was best for everybody if Telltale were able to work on an episodic series. So again, Special Edition by a nose.
  • I love TTG because they bought me an expensive dinner and didn't expect any nookie... they told me my hair was nice and called me the next day.

    (well at least its 25% true)
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