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The adventure begins... at E3!

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This week, several members of our team will be at E3 showing off Tales of Monkey Island, giving interviews, and subsisting on candy bars from the vending machine when the lunch lines turn out to be too long having a grand old time. And as a Tales of Monkey Island preorderer, we're going to let you in on the joys of being at E3 -- just like you were here with us!

Not sure what the web access will be like at the show, but we'll try to check in each day and let you guys know how it's going and where to look for Tales of Monkey Island coverage. I'll kick it off by saying that after a mostly uneventful flight, I arrived in LA and checked in to the hotel to find six boxes of Tales of Monkey Island buttons waiting for me. And that's only half the stash! The rest will be arriving tomorrow. We'll be handing them out at the show - hopefully in an amusing fashion. Watch later this week for pictures. 'Til then, here's a shot of the buttons, to tide you over...


I'm off to find some lunch (fully recognizing that this could be my last real meal for a week), then heading to the convention center to get our booth set up. First interview's tonight, with Adventure Gamers, then the show officially opens tomorrow!
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  • Lena_P;135626 said:
    Monkey Island, it brings out the seven year old in all of us. You know what's weird? When my mom was a kid, she never wanted to be a pirate. Can you imagine? I still love her though.
    Your mom seems a little too practical to have wanted to be a pirate. I'm guessing she would make a better ninja.
  • Will;135682 said:
    Your mom seems a little too practical to have wanted to be a pirate. I'm guessing she would make a better ninja.
    Actually, she wanted to be more like an astronaut, which is why she studied physics and astronomy in college. Yet she somehow ended up in EDP instead, which is called IT now? I think? So yeah, when I was eight I wanted to be Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island, and she wanted to be Kip Russell from Have Spacesuit Will Travel. My mom is actually a bigger Geek than I am.
  • I also wanted to be an astronaut! Tell your mom a guy form the internet says hi. Although i didnt study physics (too dumb).

    Even after playing Monkey Island, pirates werent really my thing. Until i got older, and the whole thing of "get drunk and stole women" started to make sense. That drove my attention.
  • When I was growing up I wanted to be a Jedi. Either that, or He-Man.

  • Lena’s mom here, to set the record straight. I did not want to be an astronaut, but I did sort of want to go into space, preferably without being hijacked like Kip Russell. But you got pretty close, Will. While I never actually wanted to be a Ninja, I did earn a green belt in Tae Kwon Do at SF State, but far too long ago to be a danger now.
  • When I was growing up I wanted to be the PM (i'm English) and then I got really politically active at uni and realised all the political parties sucked and were incompetent so decided to just get drunk, which as Ignatius mentioned, kinda fits in well with Pirating. ;)

    In fact i'm off to Somalia to show 'em how it's really done :)
  • I tied up one of my not-knowing-about-Monkey-Island-friends to a chair and played throught CMI and showing him the major cut-scenes in SMI, MI2 and EMI. Now he likes it too. Yay. Brainwashing is fun! :D
  • Whoever I showed MI1 and MI2 before, said:"I wouldn't play it because of the graphics and the interface." But they still had fun with the dialogues and that's what counted these days, though the graphics were nearly high-end at that time. Today too many developers think of astonishing graphical effects while leaving the concept of gameplay and fun in game way behind. You know that the developers had no fun programming if you don't see anything funny and original on screen (ingame). Sometimes jokes are created while working and you think:"Man if other people would've been here, they sure had something to laugh." Developers can use visuals to recreate a similiar situation. If you only talk about the situation half the fun goes away because you have to imagine the situation plus the reason why it's funny.
  • I trully agree with you. Honeslty, I played fangames based upon Monkey Island that were better than anything new on the market at this moment (except ToMI :p). I actually bought a playstation 2 console, so that I can play old games that were based upon gameplay, rather than graphics.
    Off-Topic: Sly Cooper rulz.
  • Will;135682 said:
    Your mom seems a little too practical to have wanted to be a pirate. I'm guessing she would make a better ninja.
    Actually, I meant to ask this for some time already - will there be ninjas in ToMI? Or will Guybrush be touched by His Noodly Appendage? :D

    np: Tosca - Fluss (Session 9) (Dehli9 (Disc 2))
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