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Physiological response to news of new MI project

posted by Shanksworthy on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
Just for fun, I was wondering how other long-time MI fans physically/mentally reacted to the news.

When I first logged into my email and saw the Telltale newsletter entitled "Telltale Making New Monkey Island Games", the first thing that happened is the blood drained out of my face. I'm not kidding; my ears went numb for a sec, and the pit of my stomach did that 'excited' acidic thing.

My mouth fell open and both hands were on my face, and I did a looong blink like I was trying to clear something out of my eyes. Then as it started to sink in, under my breath I started going "oh my god oh my god oh my god", like a freaking little girl. ***Edit: BTW did I mention that I'm in my mid-30's? Yep, pretty pathetic, I know. *** Then I immediately began to think for a sec that maybe I was dreaming or delusional, or maybe I was actually dead, or something really bad was about to happen to me and this was my "concession".

Instead of taking the time to savour this, I started quickly "skimming" all of the information trying to soak up as much as possible, and missed a lot of info on the first pass. I almost peed myself from excitement. I clicked on the "pre-order" link in the email before I had even finished reading it!

I think this is how one would react at having just won the lottery. News of a new MI game and a re-make of SOMI are, for me apparently, almost as good as winning the lottery. Even days later, I'm still wondering if I dreamt the whole thing. Anyone else?
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  • I think that some deep level survival mechanism kicked in shortly after I opened the email. I don't really recall viewing the message - now that I'm looking back at the newsletter I see that I must have hit the hyperlink at the bottom of the message where it said Pre Order Tales of Monkey Island today. It sent me to this web page:

    Now, as you can see this page is a bit confusing; the next thing that I remember is my eyes looking frantically for the order button. I remember clicking randomly on a few buttons before some neuron transmitter aligned itself properly and for the first time I had clear vision. That's when I saw the Add to Cart button.

    I think my jaw dropped when I saw the price of $34.95, I thought it's a crazy price - can't be that low - I would pay $500 for a new installment - but by then the screen has already changed to the checkout page.

    From there it was quite easy. I filled the credit card field in 2.4 seconds, went to my email account and refreshed it 20 times in the next minute or so until I saw the confirmation. Then my body let itself relax.

  • Wow, never knew MI meant so much to so many people :-)

    I got the news of a friend i'd been out of touch with for a few months, on the 3rd June, and irritatingly he's one of those LucasArts-StarWars fanboys and he got the news before I did :P

    I clicked the links and immediately began surfing what images I could find, because since i'm doing history at uni my instincts kicked in telling me to cut through secondary-source guff and just see what it was about. I saw Guybrush looking infinitely improved on MI4, LeChuck looking much more funky than in previous games, and thought "this is it" and for the rest of the day I was spouting MI trivia that I remembered that somehow linked in with just about everything!

    I didn't get much of a reaction physically, but I was so excited mentally that I couldn't think straight for a good ten minutes.
  • I was actually looking for any news of a new game didnt expect to find any, couldnt believe there was not one game but two a remake and a new game:eek::D:D:D I've not been able to stop thinking about it since I feel like a kid at christmas time so excited cant wait till July the 7th. I pre-ordered as soon as I found out, they didnt need to offer me any extras to get me to pre-order!!
  • I stared at the screen for a long time and thought I was dreaming, then I realized I where awake and the news where fully true. Some seconds after that I honestly started to cry, and at the same time I tried to make this thread:
  • My reaction to the game being annouced was nothing compared to my reaction to not being able to pre-order the game with paypal.

    Serious fury, for about a day.
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    Shanksworthy;128901 said:
    Same here. Not the literal running around part -- I was at work -- but I think my feet went a little crazy under my desk.
    This one is my favorite.
  • I didn't find out until tonight! I am not on the email list because I never sign up for email I was giving up hope...

    But by fate, I saw this website on my faves and said, "Hmm..let's check it out for fun."

    AHHHHHH! I am so freaking excited!!!! I am supposed to be paying off my credit card before I get married in december, but it's under $40...
  • I had no physical reaction, but I had a real David Tennant moment.

    "Wot? ...wot? What. That's impossible."
  • I actually considered punching out at work then sitting there for the rest of the day staring at the screen mouth wide open, but project deadlines made short work of that quite fast... :D

    np: Tarwater - Captain (Not Given Lightly (Disc 2))
  • I saw a trailer for the special edition and constantly repeated "No way.... no way..... NO WAY........ YES!!!!". Then I came to Telltale to see if anyone in the forums had witnessed what I had, only to see the massive Tales splash page. I actually started laughing in a really weird, maniacal way!
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