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Questions for Dominic Armato!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 22.4K users
If you see a guy with the username "dmnkly" skulking around, it's probably Dominic Armato, (better known as) the voice of Guybrush Threepwood!

If you've got any questions for Dom or just want to say hello, drop 'em here!

Dom answers! Let's take a look... I don't know when this will end, but that's a lot of answered questions so far! Check those to see if your question has already been answered!

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  • This may have been asked already.. are doing the voice for any other (minor?) chatacters in Tales?
  • How do you think Guybrush would take on our current Somolian pirate trouble? How would you if you were a modern day pirate?
  • hplikelike;135993 said:
    How do you think Guybrush would take on our current Somolian pirate trouble? How would you if you were a modern day pirate?
    In addition to that question: What weapon would he use?
  • Dmnkly;135365 said:
    Actually, that's one of the old LA titles that I never played. Can't imagine how, since everybody else loves it. Upside is that for me, it'll be like having a completely new classic LucasArts adventure years after the fact when I finally do get around to playing it.
    Do you happen to have a copy of Day of the Tentacle? Because if you do - Maniac Mansion is part of it; you can play it on the computer in one of the bedrooms... :D
    Jake;135672 said:
    (recently departed for OpenDNS but formerly of Telltale) Doug Tabacco
    Actually, I kind of started wondering where he had disappeared to...

    But - OpenDNS, your friendly neighbourhood DNS provider and NXDOMAIN redirectory?

    You're not making this up, are you? :D

    np: Tosca - La Vendeuse Des Chaussures Des Femmes (Part 1) (Dehli9 (Disc 1))
  • If you could make your own MI game, what would be the plot? If you could make your own non-MI game, what would it be? In other words, what, to you, would be the ideal video game?
  • Silverwolfpet;135901 said:
    I am currently searching for a game. Knowing that you play old games, maybe you've heard of it. It involves time travelling, one sequence takes place in ancient Venice (where you have to work with pots, or do pottery and break seals, or collect seals), and the gameplay is similar to the one in the Myst series, first person adventure game.
    I can't remember the name. Any ideea?
    That sounds like the demo of Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time. I've played it, and that's a pretty accurate description. I haven't played the full game, though.

    Okay, here's a question. Is there any food you can't stand?
  • I know you've mentioned that to do any voicework, Dom, it'd need to be cleared through the union. What about interviews? A friend of mine is in college radio and would be interested in generating some buzz for TMI and SoMI:SE up in Ottawa. What would she need to do to clear the legal stuff?
  • What books did you read growing up? I take it you weren't a mild-mannered Beverly Cleary reader, eh?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Have you ever watched Olympic Curling?

    Gah I've clearly run out of questions. Just ignore me now.
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