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Wow a new Monkey Island. This is really great news.

I hope they will make an inventory that lets you combine items like in the old games. I very much disliked the way they did it in sam&max. Allowing items to only be used directly with the environment is simply too easy. It destroys the atmosphere of such great adventure games.

But a new imperfect Monkey Island is certenly better than no new Monkey Island. :)
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    Oh what fun we'll have!
  • I'd love to try a game where the puzzles are absolutely off the cliff.

    Goodbye cruel adventure game!

    ...Eh, forget it.
  • thanatos56;127009 said:
    I'd love to try a game where the puzzles are absolutely off the cliff.

    Goodbye cruel adventure game!
  • Jake;126726 said:
    We're going a little more classic with the puzzle insanity, but we're not going to drive it all the way off the cliff. :) Inventory combination is back and better than ever. Also, you can dial the hint system up or down to your desire. Right now you can choose to give hints with four levels of algorithmically-generated frequency, from "never" to "often."
    JIIPPPIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! *bouncing around*
  • One of my favorite screenshots!
  • i didnt quite catch it, is there gonna be integrated hint system? what will it look like

    those can be quite good, as earlier adventure games did in a great manner, like for example Phantasmagoria with narator giving you the hints, Torin's Passage also with level of hints, or Keepsake also has a good one
  • i just watched this video

    interesting thing is more difficult levels, something that was done in Curse and skipped in Monkey 4., and a hint system

    what i sort of liked in these hints is if they are be puzzles themselves also. so, the clue will be covered in mystery not giving the answer right away but rather something to think of, like in phantasmagoria, and eventually if you want the hints will tell exactly what to do, like - Open that door, you fool.

    the only problem is that how to restrain players from over using the hints, if they are included. there has been some ideas, like in Torin's Passage where you points are reduced if you ask for hints constantly, or something like a hint countdown timer.
  • I'm impressed by the way TTG handled the puzzles in Sam & Max, it got me more into actually spending some time off-screen just walking around thinking what possibly could work next. It was very stimulating, so I really couldn't care less whether the puzzles had more of a "just click everything everywhere and combine everything with anything" kind of style or more like "think it over, it's logical and it will come". However, a few more stuff in the inventory to work with really would be cool, it got a bit too simple in Sam & Max.
  • Combining items was always great in the MI games it made you think outside the inventory..... or rather think inside Guybrush's pants... because that is where he keeps all his cool useless junk... BTW is he still gonna stuff everything in his pants that was always funny in the third game.
  • I've enjoyed the previous Telltale adventures to a greater or lesser extent, but I haven't cared enough to spend time figuring everything out. But I know with Monkey Island I will be playing this with hints dialled all the way down so I can get maximum time out of it!
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