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Where's Flint Paper?

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Another sad thing about the freelance police cancelation was we missed out on a greater role for flint paper. I think he was involved in one of the cases. Will we see him in upcoming episodes? Flint's insane and we need to respect that :D
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  • I think Flint P is too busy beating up BAD GUY with a baseball bat...
    But he may show up in later episodes, who knows :rolleyes:
  • Was Flint a "Hit the Road" creation, or is he also from the comic books etc? Just wondering if he's a Purcell or a LucasArts creation.
  • Flints definitely in the comics.. in fact theres some hilarious panels of flint beating thugs senseless
  • There was an interview a couple of weeks before the release (I think with Dave Grossman) where it was mentioned that Flint wouldn't be making an appearance in the first season. I was a little disappointed but then didn't really miss him in Culture Shock. Still, hopefully he'll make his return next season once Bosco and Sybil have been properly fitted into the world.
  • He is for sure in the original comics, and he was a bad-ass detective.

    I don't know how well he'd come across in 3D. In fact, I think he'd be awesome. With a clenched jaw and rolled up fists and slit eyes and a hunched angry position.

    Yes, it would work wonderfully. I'm actually pretty sure he'll feature in an upcoming episode. A little bird told me!

    Kidding. No person or animal told me, but I'm trusting my spider-sense, that right now is tingling.
  • mikdog;13714 said:

    I don't know how well he'd come across in 3D.
    You can get a glimpse of how he came out in Freelance Police here, and see a much cooler concept sketch of him here. (possibly by Purcell?).
  • Do LucasArts own 'Freelance Police'?
  • No. Steve Purcell owns Freelance Police. As far as I know Lucasarts' ownership expired recently...Oh, but you mean FREELANCE POLICE and not SAM & MAX. Yep, I'm pretty sure LUCASARTS own the name and all the content produced for it, but not the Sam & Max characters
  • LucasArts owns the game "Freelance Police" and its content. The actual character of Flint could theoretically be used though if Telltale or Purcell wanted, since it's Steve's creation.

    By the way, a minor and geeky thing I've been wondering about: Is "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" no longer the official name of the comic? Purcell's new strip and Telltale always refer to the license as simply "Sam & Max." Is that to avoid confusion, or is the subtitle no longer part of the trademark? When LucasArts announced the name of its cancelled sequel, I always figured it was just a placeholder, since it was simply the name of the comic. Anyway.
  • they probably don't want to use freelance police to distingish it from the cancelled game.
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