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Pirate movies.

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Pirate movies man.. Other than the Pirates of the Caribbean.. what pirate movies can you all recommend?

I like Roman Polanski's Pirates (1986) Walter Matthau was a perfect pirate in this movie.

I know the Errol Flynn movies are classics but I have only seen Capt. Blood... it was pretty good.

and of course there is Disney's Treasure Island

Hook is a great one too... the unofficial sequel to Peter Pan.... the sets in that movie are fantastic.
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  • haven't seen much of those apart from polanski's pirates (only recently, tho... Such a shame i didn't see that one when i was twelve :eek: )
    I just read treasure island again, tho, hadn't opened that book for years and loved every line of it.
  • How about the Goonies? Classic film!
  • My kids and I watched the Crimson Pirate today... the general consensus was that it was pretty enjoyable... Burt's smile creeps me the F out though.

    On a side note many a MI fans know that MI was partly inspired by the book "On Stranger Tides" I can say first hand that it is indeed a great read and highly recommended.
  • Well, it's not actually about pirates, but I quite like the Hornblower series.

    And Muppet Treasure Island is of course a classic... you should also try playing the game if you can track it down.
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    my favourite movie when i was a child was:
    image ...but it's not something i'd recommend you to show your children (i've watched it several times, before the family realised it and prevented me from watching it again)...

    it's not exactly a pirate movie, but the following scene seemed to me like a tribute to the MI (coulda been just a coincidence, but i doubt it): the wig and the monkeys look like the reference to the MI.

    you can watch a scene from it here or here (the scene length is longer, and the quality's better).
  • Cabin Boy is a horrible movie. Shameful.
  • xchri5x;136855 said:
    cabin boy is a horrible movie. Shameful.

    Surely you mean to say "misunderstood."
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    xChri5x;136855 said:
    Cabin Boy is a horrible movie. Shameful.
    sure, if you look at it from moral perspective, it undeniably is (but if you compare the most of the "modern" films, from the same point of view, they're not just horrible; they're disastrous). however, if you discard the immoral stuff in it, then it's a fine, light, adventurous comedy about sailors.
    salmonmax;136876 said:

    Surely you mean to say "misunderstood."
    thanx man, you're great!))))
  • Well basicly the classics:

    Captain Blood
    The Seahawk
    Against All Flags
    The Black Swan
    The Crimson Pirate
  • I, for one, don't pirate movies.
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