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Tic Tac Toc

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(yeah, I know it's Toe but not when playing against a chicken :D )
Right. I have made a pie that is very nice but missing that one special ingredient. I think the prize for winning the tic tac toe game would help me in that department, but I haven't been able to figure out how to. I have bird seed, but Gromit always puts them on the middle square, ensuring an easy win for the chicken. How can I make sure she starts with a different square or lets Gromit go first? I tried making bird seed ice cream or deep frying it to no avail.
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  • just use your inventory while playing against the bird, and you can put more seed on the squares as you play.
  • Thanks :) I should have thought of that myself... :(
  • I just got stuck on the same scene....

    This puzzle shows a slight downfall of the 'hotkey inventory' - it becomes less obvious when you can use the inventory versus an icon. (And honestly, IMHO, the very text 'Right click to exit' implies hotkeys/shortcuts are disabled in most other TellTale games :))
    PolloDiablo;136916 said:
    Thanks :) I should have thought of that myself... :(
  • I don't play Tic Tac Toc ,help me
  • b008;139578 said:
    I don't play Tic Tac Toc ,help me
    You mean you do not know how to play this game in general??? -
    The basic idea is that you need to get three "O" in a row (horizontally, vertically or in the main diagonal), while the chicken tries to get three "X" in a row at the same time. - Theoretically, the if the player who makes the first move (in this case the chicken) is clever, the other player (in this case you) does not have any chance at all to win. Therefore the goal is to "convince" (or "bribe") the chicken to make some bad moves.
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