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Private Pirate Monkey Brainstorming...

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Hey guys 'n' gals,

In the spirit of "tapping the hive mind," I've got a few enigmatic questions for y'all:

-- What sort of book titles do you think could be found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf? Y'know, things like "The Joy of Hex," or "Screams of My Father."

-- For reasons that defy explanation, we're trying to enumerate dozens of unique kinds of winds, things like "The Wind the Blows Off Your Hat," or "The Wind that Sounds Remarkably Like an Unhappy Echidna." Can you think of any others?

-- Lastly, what's your pirate name?

Not promising anything,
Mike "Sleepy Boy" Stemmle
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  • Allright, I read *almost* all of the posts in the thread, but these might be already taken anyway.

    The Wind that Sings Just Slightly Offtune
    The Wind that Leaves You Stranded Out On The Ocean, That Bloody Wind, I Tell You, I Could Tell Stories, Do You Have Time...? (or an abbreviation of some sort =P)
    The Little Wind that Could
    The Wind that Blows the Rain Sideways Against Your Face
    The Wind that Is Always Against You, No Matter What Way You're Sailing (or walking or going or etc)
    The Wind that Blew
    The Wind that Blew Even Harder (These could be combined with oh-so-delicious dirty jokes, but I dunno whether or not the game would be appropriate for them. Or just use them as references to being bad.)
    The Wind that Caused Your Parrot To Stumble Off Your Shoulder
    The Wind that Makes You Wish You'd Just Stayed Home That Day
    The Wind that Cries "GARY!" (This is a reference to Gary Gygax, absurd and awful, I know, but just had to put in there)

    Also, Ahoy me harties, I be Captain Obvious, head o' the ship "Pirate Ship".
  • Voodoo & you?
    Tantric hex

    I'm too tired to come up with bad voodoo/hex puns...

    Winds, I think of they called the wind Mariah... and then get horrible flashbacks to my childhood in choir.. eugh..

    Now what was this about pirate names? Mine is Captain Keith, which is a long story... especially given i'm female.
  • Book:
    I know what you did last Doomsday
  • Book: Grave Digging for Dummies: Don't get caught with your pants down
  • "Hex in Society" would be a good book title, referring to another book by the same author whose most famous book inspired the name "The Joy of Hex"

    "The Wind That Breaks" is a good pun also.

    And my pirate name is Salty Vinegar.
  • for the first two, my brain stop'ed working, but my pirate name is:
    Joe Moe Bonehead
  • Book:
    "The Secret Of Monkey Island." And you´ll find a big disappointing if you take it. Ok not good. :D

    "The Secret Of Vodoo"
  • These were surprisingly tough what with living in New Orleans and whatnot, but what the hell, I'll have a go:


    Marie Leveau's Book of Hexhold Management
    The Gris-Gris is Always Greener: A Memoir Across Four Islands
    Hoodoo Hairdos: 8 easy tips to Bring Your Hair Back From the Dead

    Blanking on winds, sorry...

    And for Piratey Name... let's see... Bucky Lumpett, I think, should do quite nicely
  • "Goodsoup's Recipe Book" The famous Goodsoup family published their secrets of making good soups. There are also serving suggestions available for cannibals and voodoo stews.
  • bookwo3107;137224 said:
    Hoodoo Hairdos: 8 easy tips to Bring Your Hair Back From the Dead
    :D I hope this one gets into the game; I fear that the developers stopped reviewing this huge list early on: it really would be a pity, because its last pages contain some of the best ones.
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