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Wallace & Gromit Episode 3 - Muzzled - now available!

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Get ready for a grand day out at Monty Muzzle's fundraiser fair!

The torrential storm that poured down on West Wallaby Street in our last episode has had a tragic consequence: destruction of the local dog shelter. As a result, homeless pups are roaming the streets, including a trio of whippets who are throwing a wrench spanner in Wallace's plans to start his own ice cream business. Luckily a do-gooder named Monty Muzzle has come to town to hold a fundraiser fair, with all proceeds earmarked for the reconstruction of the shelter. Is Muzzle's offer legit? Gromit doesn't think so... and now the resourceful dog must find a way to warn everyone in town of Muzzle's uncharitable plans!

The episode is now available! Buy it here as an individual episode for $8.95, or as part of the $34.95 season bundle.

You'll find some screenshots here.

See the smooth-talking Monty Muzzle in action in this video.
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  • Love the Preston reference on the Dog Food can
    Maybe he'll be in The Bogey Man
    Also, when the heck are you guys gonna stick Feathers McGraw in there?
    If he isn't in The Bogey Man, then I will be heartbroken because he is a must-have character in the series
  • It could have been great, but it was way too short. :(
  • where the official walkthrough?
  • This really was the best episode. Monty is the best Telltale-created character in the W&G-world, for sure. I loved it all, the dogs, the carnival (the inside of Monty's head is an amazing scene!), the Psychonauts-esque presentations on Monty's life, the crazy finale, all of it!

  • Excellent. A couple of sequences were genuinely touching, but it's the astonishing ending which really held my breath in a way that videogames rarely achieve. Music and voice acting were superb ([SPOILER]I particularly loved the theme played inside of the Muzzler[/SPOILER]). Congratulations to Sean and all the team!
  • I had a brief spell with Muzzled yesterday. So far, it's as charming as its predecessors (I'm in the middle of the fair games at the moment), and I have to admit that I don't even realize anymore that I play with the keyboard. I also have to admit that I never expected to be beaten by a chicken at tic-tac-toe :D

    Monty Muzzle, then. First, I'm happy that for the first time, Gromit has a worthy adversary - it creates much more tension. Then, about the voice actor - he was really excellent. One minute he was singing to Wallace like a siren, next minute at the fair I thought he was inches from kicking Gromit just for being a dog. Finally, his lines are also excellent - congratulations to the writer also.

    That reminds me of a question. Generally, how much feedback do the VOs contribute to their lines? I assume they're not involved in the writing and get a complete set, but how much is that changed / refined afterwards?
  • puerulus;137373 said:
    It could have been great, but it was way too short. :(
    Agreed. But apparantly we are alone.
  • SuperBosco;137374 said:
    where the official walkthrough?
    Yeah where is it?
  • leChuckie;137429 said:
    Agreed. But apparantly we are alone.
    Not really: I posted my comment about the very short time it took me to complete this episode into another thread.
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