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Questions for Dominic Armato!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 22.2K users
If you see a guy with the username "dmnkly" skulking around, it's probably Dominic Armato, (better known as) the voice of Guybrush Threepwood!

If you've got any questions for Dom or just want to say hello, drop 'em here!

Dom answers! Let's take a look... I don't know when this will end, but that's a lot of answered questions so far! Check those to see if your question has already been answered!

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  • hplikelike;137317 said:
    Your welcome.
    Actually I was talking to Dom. >_>
  • PariahKing;137321 said:
    Actually I was talking to Dom. >_>
    Didn't I answer YOUR question. I mean, your name IS Zeph righ... wait... DOH! *triple facepalm*
  • Hey, all!
    Answers, ultra-brief edition. We’re T-minus eight days and counting to moving day, and three of those eight days will be spent in Cleveland. And with that, I think I’ve already answered one of my questions. Also, past four nights = less than three hours of sleep each. Consider coherence a bonus for this round.
    TheJoe;135857 said:
    Terry Gilliam is a genius. Seen any Monty Python?
    Yes, and of course.
    Silverwolfpet;135881 said:
    Short Question: Any chance of going to visit Romania?
    Everybody I know who has spent time in Eastern Europe loves it. It’s on the list. But realistically? I used to travel outside the country monthly. Since kids? My last trip was almost exactly two years ago. And Thailand/Vietnam, Australia/New Zealand and Morocco are still tippy-top of my wish list. I doubt I’ll even manage those three. So it’s unlikely. Too many countries. Too little time.
    Scapetti;135892 said:
    How did you record the line "dmnkly" in the special edition? (sorry if I'm meant to be keeping this TellTale, love you guys too!)
    I’ll simply point out the humor in you asking me to relay – in print – how I pronounced something that’s supposed to be unpronounceable and leave it at that :-)
    Silverwolfpet;135901 said:
    I am currently searching for a game. Knowing that you play old games, maybe you've heard of it. It involves time travelling, one sequence takes place in ancient Venice (where you have to work with pots, or do pottery and break seals, or collect seals), and the gameplay is similar to the one in the Myst series, first person adventure game.
    I can't remember the name. Any ideea?
    No idea. But is sounds like some other folks have some good ideas.
    Silverwolfpet;135901 said:
    Have you ever played Call of Cthulhu or Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)?
    Neither. Indigo Prophecy was on my list, but I never got there.
    Silverwolfpet;135901 said:
    What do you think about the Silent Hill Series?
    Never played any of them. Though I heard Silent Hill 2 was supremely disturbing.
    Toothless Gibbon;135929 said:
    This may have been asked already.. are doing the voice for any other (minor?) chatacters in Tales?
    This may have been answered already... a parrot.
    hplikelike;135993 said:
    How do you think Guybrush would take on our current Somolian pirate trouble? How would you if you were a modern day pirate?
    I think he’d be thrilled about it until he tried to join them and found himself taken hostage instead. Me? I just love Googling the word “pirate” and getting current events. Awesome.
    AndyBundy;136018 said:
    In addition to that question: What weapon would he use?
    Something menacing but still laughable, I suppose. What do Somalian pirates use? Machetes? A pink machete.
    Leak;136044 said:
    Do you happen to have a copy of Day of the Tentacle? Because if you do - Maniac Mansion is part of it; you can play it on the computer in one of the bedrooms... :Dp
    I have it, actually! Just haven’t gotten around to it.
    hplikelike;136116 said:
    If you could make your own MI game, what would be the plot? If you could make your own non-MI game, what would it be? In other words, what, to you, would be the ideal video game?
    I apologize, this question requires waaaaaaay more brain power than I have at my disposal tonight. Ask it again and I’ll give it a shot on the next go-through.
    Shwoo;136173 said:
    Okay, here's a question. Is there any food you can't stand?
    I kind of already answered (the mysterious evil Chinese tofu dish, mentioned upthread), but what the hell, I’ll answer again. I just can’t stand food that isn’t good. I don’t care what it’s made of. I don’t care whether it’s expensive or cheap. All foods have their charms when they're done well, as far as I’m concerned. So while (with the exception of the aforementioned tofu) I’ve yet to meet a foodstuff I don’t like under the right circumstances, the flipside of that is that every single food has the potential to disappoint. Make it good, I don’t care what it is, I’ll love it. Screw it up, it could be my favorite ingredient in the world, I’ll still hate you for it.
    hockeyalltheway;136179 said:
    I know you've mentioned that to do any voicework, Dom, it'd need to be cleared through the union. What about interviews? A friend of mine is in college radio and would be interested in generating some buzz for TMI and SoMI:SE up in Ottawa. What would she need to do to clear the legal stuff?
    I don’t think there is any for that kind of thing. Drop me a line! Just please be understanding when it takes me forever to respond. I’m beyond crushed at the moment.
    hplikelike;136182 said:
    What books did you read growing up? I take it you weren't a mild-mannered Beverly Cleary reader, eh?
    Ha! Not likely. Early grammar school was mostly the Hardy Boys. Which is even more milquetoast than Beverly Cleary. But in my defense, I was six. ‘Round fourth or fifth grade, much as it pains me to admit it, a friend got me hooked on Piers Anthony. Which, when I think back on it, must’ve been shockingly trashy based on what I remember of the plot. Painful anecdote (that I can’t believe I’m revealing online). I recall, sometime while in fifth grade, my mother picking me up at school and me diving into the back of the minivan, face buried in On A Pale Horse. I was reading while we waited for my sister, when I came across a word previously unknown to me. “Hey Mom... what does fornicated mean?” I doubt I’ll ever forget the look on her face as she turned to look at me. She kept her cool, but I immediately realized I’d somehow blundered – I just didn’t comprehend the true scope of how epic this little scenario was rapidly becoming. “Read me the sentence.” With more than a little trepidation, I did as instructed. “I have fornicated with a demon of hell.” And after a long painful pause, “What are you reading?” So I told her. And she told me what fornicated meant. And it is, quite possibly, the most embarrassed I have ever been in the presence of my mother in my entire life.

    That and the Neverending Story. Hooray for the Neverending Story.
    Teppic;136208 said:
    What is the meaning of life?
    Some number, apparently. I forget which. You’d think I’d write something so important down.
    Fury;136231 said:
    Have you ever watched Olympic Curling?
    Who didn’t?
    Rather Dashing;136240 said:
    1. You were a fan of Guybrush before you got the role. When was it that it kind of settled in that you were the official voice of Guybrush? Right away? A few minutes after you got the role? As you were acting, while you played the finished game for the first time, or some other time that I'm not even thinking of?
    I think when I first saw the whole thing put together with my voice, which would have been the CMI demo that was distributed with PC Gamer magazine. That kind of brings it home.
    Rather Dashing;136240 said:
    2. What are the differences between working on a Monkey Island game for the first time, working on the Special Edition, and working with Telltale? Does Telltale's schedule, as an episodic game company, differ for you as opposed to LucasArts for Curse or Special Edition?
    CMI and EMI were marathons. It’d be 20-something 4 hour sessions. It was like disappearing into a studio for a month. The Special Edition was a crazy amount of fun because we did it on the Presidio and I got to hang out with the crew and tour the Lucas empire and all of the accompanying fun stuff. Telltale’s another vibe. We’re working out of a tiny little studio in a laid-back town (Fairfax), and I’m flying in for just a couple of days at a time, every five weeks or so. So, yeah, in terms of schedule and pacing, they’re all very different.
    Rather Dashing;136240 said:
    3. I love the way you say "LeChuck" in the "dog-whispering" part of the making-of video for the Special Edition. What was voicing that scene like? With what has to be intelligible amongst animal sounds.
    That’s the fun stuff, when you find yourself – in all seriousness – asking questions like, “So, do you think I should actually try to kind of imitate dog sounds as implied by the text, or read them straight-up as though they’re normal English text? If I recall, I think we settled on leaning towards the former for everything except for “LeChuck”, which was the latter. For maximum funny, of course. (With the caveat that my memory may fail me).
    Rather Dashing;136240 said:
    4. How's your day been?
    Sleepless. I’m not exaggerating about the amount of sleep I’m operating on. I think my heart might stop before we get to Boston.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]I’m guessing the Monkey Island games are the greatest thing you have ever voiced for, what would be the second greatest?
    Sputz in Rocket Power is the second biggest, but not in terms of personal pride. Probably Star Wars Racer. I had an awful lot of fun with Ben Quadrinaros and Clegg Holdfast.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]Does your family still ask you to get a “real” job?
    Oh, gosh, no. Never did. They were always totally behind it. I did a lot of work as a kid and they saw very early on how big it could be. But they would have been equally supportive nonetheless.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]If you could have one of Guybrush’s traits \ qualities, what would it be?
    His unabashed zeal. I hope I’m always that jazzed about everything I do.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]How many Monkey Island games do you think you will get to do before you ?
    I’m still trying not to take it for granted that the two current projects suddenly sprang up. No idea, nor do I care to speculate. I just consider myself that much more fortunate with each passing incarnation.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]Do you do much "physical acting"?... you know, the type where you have to *shudders* move...
    If by that you mean theater/on-camera, no, not any more. Did a lot of theater as a kid, and had a few on-camera credits, but early on in my L.A. stint, I decided that VO was really my thing and I kind of stopped pursuing the on-camera.

    BUT, don’t think for a second that VO isn’t physical. Particularly with character work, if you aren’t moving, you’re doing it wrong. If you stand absolutely still, it’ll show in your performance. We all move. To varying degrees, of course. Some people have subtle little motions they do as they’re acting on mic, and others have to fight their instinct to throw themselves around the studio. But at whatever level, that physical involvement in the work comes through. If you stand still, you sound flat.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]Do you think that having to wait way too long for MI5 could actually be a good thing?
    Probably, actually. I think a little time off has only sharpened people’s appetite, and will heighten their appreciation.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    [*]What’s your favourite internet meme?
    Gosh, no clue... I delete those routinely.
    The Batfrog;136262 said:
    Toothless Gibbon;136268 said:
    Do the animators on Tales (and other productions) video you as you record the VO and use your facial expressions / mannerisms / body language to help animating the characters?
    Nope. Not at Telltale. I’ve only done that kind of thing once, for Crysis, where they painted little dots on my face, stuck a camera in front of me as I read, and mocapped my facial expressions as I died by alien hands in scores of different ways.
    joinseekers;136307 said:
    You have a one-way use of a time machine. Would you rather go to 1990 or 1997?
    1990. Then I get 1997, too (not to mention 1991-1996).
    joinseekers;136307 said:
    It’s 2039. What made you prouder –
    1. You VOed every MI title to date – and there were at least 30
    2. You're the first man on Mars
    Much as I love Monkey Island, I have to go with Mars. Guybrush would understand.
    hplikelike;136425 said:
    Ok, so, in your opinion, who would win in a fight: a pirate or a ninja? Wait... DOH!
    Ninja. But the pirate could die with the knowledge that he’s still cooler.
    Vongrove;136689 said:
    "If you were to travel to a parallel dimension where everybody existed as they do in our world, except their genders were reversed, and met the female version of yourself would you attempt to have relations with them? Follow up question if you did have relations with yourself what would it be classified as?"
    Probably not. There would be plenty of other parallel guy/girls out there that wouldn’t involve creepy baggage.
    WarlordX40;136736 said:
    How many takes did you need to get the line "Ipecac (Cephaelis Ipecacuanha)" right, also what is the hardest line you have had to say?
    Just once or twice. That’s not tricky. And the hardest line is always something you’d never expect. Some normal turn of phrase that you just get hung up on and blow ten consecutive takes. Those weird mental stutters are always harder than any actual tongue-twister.
    Ignatius;136750 said:
    I was just going to ask if you had a hard time while recording as El Pollo Diablo: "Si, he dejado en libertad los prisioneros y ahora vengo por ti"
    Not so much. It’s one line, so I just had to practice it a few times.
    Ignatius;136750 said:
    Do you speak other languages?
    Ho studiato Italiano nell’universitá multi anni fa, ma ho dimenticato tutto.
    hplikelike;136766 said:
    What do you think of the voice acting in THIS MI video?
    Awesome. And I mean that in all sincerity.
    Lennie Melvin;136984 said:
    Have you ever had a Monkey Island insult sword fight using lightsabers?

    And if not - WHY NOT?
    Sorry, just fell asleep at the keyboard (nothing to do with your question). To answer your question, with whom, precisely? “Excuse me, sir? Would you mind taking this lightsabre so we might engage in insult swordfighting? It’s from a video game from twenty years ago, you see, and I just thought it would be cooler if—sir? SIR? Where are you going?”
    purple_monkfish;137038 said:
    Do you find yourself randomly quoting MI (or other video games) in public?
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no.

    (If you guys keep setting it up, I’m going to keep knocking it down.)
    purple_monkfish;137038 said:
    Do you get strange looks when you do this?
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no. (Stop me now before I hurt myself!)
    purple_monkfish;137038 said:
    Also, do the rabid telltale fans scare you yet?
    Oh, gosh, no. It’s the ones with scabies that give me the jibblies.
    hplikelike;137148 said:
    Where have you been the last few days?
    Not sleeping. See above.
    Zeph;137242 said:
    Demonic , who has the voice behind Murray? I have always wondered about that. I hope you can answer me, because my friend is a big fan of you, and I want to show him your answer to my question. Or else I will be dissaptointed. I love you, Dominic. Please, answer me. I'm a big fan. I just want to say hello, so I can show my friend. Please. I'm a big fan.
    Answered by others, I believe, but it’s Denny Delk, and he’s awesome.
    Zeph;137242 said:
    PS: Who is the voice of Stan?
    No idea!
    jennytablina;137311 said:
    1) Do you like any other Piratey things other than the adformentioned Pirate Trilogy?
    Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride). Not so much actual piracy (see Lawful Neutral, above).
    jennytablina;137311 said:
    2) You mentioned Disney earlier on: Do you have a fave Disney film and ride?
    Ride, PotC, no question. Film? Hmmmmm... the Pixar stuff is really all pretty fricking brilliant, but I did catch about half of Lilo & Stitch the other day and was surprised by how good it was.
    jennytablina;137311 said:
    3) Coffee or Tea and do you take sugar with that?
    Diet Pepsi. If they ever determine that aspartame is a problem (really, actually scientifically determine it, not “I read it on the internet so it must be true” determine it), I’m screwed. I never drink tea, and the only coffee I have is the occasional espresso. With sugar. Which I used to feel embarrassed about, until I started noticing that all of the older men in Italy dump sugar in their espresso. Far more than I do, actually. So I guess I was inadvertently on the right track.

    To bed!
  • Dmnkly;137384 said:

    Some number, apparently. I forget which. You’d think I’d write something so important down.

  • Dmnkly;137384 said:
    Answers, ultra-brief edition.
    You have a rather odd definition of "ultra-brief" don't you? :D That was one of the longest posts ever! And although some of the replies were in themselves brief...some were full, detailed explanations! Haha!

    P.S. Goodnight!
  • Dom, if it's work getting in your way, say you've caught swine flu!

    No, wait, they'll test you.

    Say you've caught the bubonic plague. Then when you've had a good night's sleep say you prayed to be healed and it was a miracle, then the religious groups wouldn't let you get fired :p
  • wow, a fan of Xanth? I recently went and won an auction for most of the early books off the ebay...took me right back to when i was a kid reading them.

    now the question must be asked, which is your favorite in the series? Ogre, Ogre and Night Mare are tied as my faves.
  • Aw, man. I must have been drunk when I wrote that post. Thanks for the answers though. :)
  • Thank you for being honest with your inability to answer my video game question at this time. Most people would have made up some halfbaked answer, but you knew your limits. I respect that. If you get enough sleep this time...
    If you could make your own MI game, what would be the plot? If you could make your own non-MI game, what would it be? In other words, what, to you, would be the ideal video game?
  • Excluding game and TV shows and movies that you -did- VO, which game/movie/show would you have wanted to VO? And which character in particular?
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