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Is there any way of purchasing the full season of Sam & Max using a Switch Maestro debit card? I would use the paypal scheme included in the demo, but that only seems to allow you to buy the one episode...
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  • Should I take that as a no then...
  • You may have better luck if you ask on the Shopping or Activation Support board.

    PayPal apparently can't be used to pre-purchase items that don't yet exist, which is the issue with buyng the season in advance.
  • I see, I did not see that section, thanks though, I guess I'm going to have to buy each one individually... bit of a bummer though, I have the same problems with Valve's Steam.
  • Ahh, yeah I have that problem with most 'downloadable' games too, quite a bummer indeed! Though you could always ask friends or family with a Credit Card to pay for it and you could give them the money?
    The amount of money you'll save by pre-ordering the whole season is about 20 quid I think, so it's definately worth taking that route other than buying the ep's as singles.
  • We are trying to get the PayPal issue for Season 1 straightened out. In the meantime, if you buy episode 1 with PayPal and let me know that you wanted to buy the whole season, we'll let you upgrade to the rest of the season for the same price once the PayPal problem is fixed.
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