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Registering games on steam or an own telltale platform?

posted by Kradath on - last edited - Viewed by 910 users
I like the idea of the whole episode concept but now as I'm playing Sam and Max S1 again it's a bit unhandy that you have to download all the episodes one for one manually.

Two suggestions I have are:
1) Could we maybe register our telltale games supported by steam on steam? So If we bought S&M on this site here we're able to register our codes on steam?

2) Have you ever thought of a telltale platform, like steam for telltale games? It doesn't need to have all the community functions, just a tool I open, where I log in with my account and am able to directly download and install any game I own. With such a tool you could also start all games just from one program and you had only one icon on your desktop, compared to 11 if you had all Sam and Max parts.

Will we see any of this in the future?
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  • at 2, I see no point in that, either add it to non steam games on steam, or make a folder and move the shortcuts for it.
  • It just would be much handier to click one button to download an episode compared to downloading 11 episodes all by one and install them all by one.
  • Anything's better than Steam... Also, you could just use the shortcuts to the games in the start menu, right? No need to have them on your desktop.
  • How does this change my situation about downloading and installing?
  • It might be nice to have a "Download Season" option when the season is done releasing.
  • Would it be too much trouble to integrate a client program (like Steam) into the Tell Tale website store? The store already keeps user registration and game ownership information. A program that users can install to "tap into that" instead of using a browser wouldn't be that far-fetched. I'm saying the integration wouldn't be too hard, not the actual code programming of the client program.

    On the other hand, it's not really needed. I do see the need for a full Season download, though, if one owns the entire season.
  • I like the freedom currently given to not need some random Steam like program to log into.
  • I'm not saying it'd be necessary to be able to play the games, but rather a separate option that one could download if they wanted to without using a browser. Like, if you were at a friend's computer and didn't want your registration details to be inputted on his browser or something. Though, I guess it'd be the same thing for a client program. Still, the ability to buy and download Tell Tale games outside of a browser and access your account on the Tell Tale store is an appealing one (Steam wouldn't be able to do the latter).
  • The download season option is something that would be perfect for me, so you either download season by season, or you got the complete pack to download.

    @PariahKing: I don't want a steam for telltale games. You have to log into every single game at the moment anyway. I just thought about a window which now appears before starting an episode where you can easily download other telltale games as well. It would not be something that has to be used, you could use it if you want to.

    It's more like an app that does what the telltale site does in a more handy way.
  • ^ I can see why you'd prefer a complete season download, but really, is it that much trouble installing the episodes seperately?
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