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Secret of Monkey Island:SE Hard Copy

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Im a Huge Monkey Island fan, ive got all the games in there orignal PC boxes, and ive pre-ordered the new one, which at the end of the episodes i will recieve a hard copy of Tales of Monkey Island, now my question is, the SMI:SE would there possibly be a hard copy of the game so i can add it to my collection besides only having it a downloadable game, im sure fans would agree with me there, what do you guys think?
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  • Yeah, I agree, but I would rather have a copy of the original game myself, along with the original boxart.

    The best way to file a complaint about this is to send Lucasarts a message or post on their boards. Not that they're known to be great listeners.
  • It doesn't seem all that likely. Maybe if the downloads sell well they'll put it on shelves, but really we can only wildly guess.

    Considering it's the same game, I really don't feel the need to have a box for it specifically. But I've been a big supporter of digital distribution for small, inexpensive games for awhile now.
  • The lead designer on the game answers questions on Facebook once in a while, and his answer to this question was basically "maybe." If the game sells well, they might look into putting it on retail shelves.
  • I don't really have a problem with downloading it. Besides, I have too many game boxes already, where will I store it? :-)
  • I'll probably just whip up my own DVD slip cover and print it out so I can shelve the DVD case next to the other LA cases I made. Even if there's no disc inside.
  • ^ Well, you could always just burn the game to a CD/DVD.
  • I reckon they'll definitely do a box-set of the SE's. So we'll have to wait at most until they decide to stop updating current MI games.
  • I hate games that is just sold digital. I like having a box in my shelves, and I don't mind paying 5-10$ more to get it.
    That is also the case with MI1:SE and TOMI
    I would even pay another 5$ to get a big box, just like my copy of MI1&2 (hint, hint telltales)

    But all customers should get a choice. Pay xx for just a digital copy, pay xx for a copy with a DVD cover or pay xx to get the spesial big box edition with a poster.
  • Sphaa;137590 said:
    I would even pay another 5$ to get a big box, just like my copy of MI1&2 (hint, hint telltales)

    But all customers should get a choice.
    They have that choice. Did you even read the article description? There actually will be a DVD, which you can get for the costs of shipping.

    That's what I like that much on Telltale Games. One order, one price, and you can download and play immediately, and for the case Telltale does quit its service (which hopefully does not happen any time soon), you still have the DVD.
  • Read what I wrote one more time.

    "I would even pay another 5$ to get a big box, just like my copy of MI1&2"

    We're getting an DVD in a standard cover. If you pre-order you'll get a special cover, but no BIG-BOX

    my first post was describing my look on game distribution generally , not telltales spcifily.
    I really like telltales's way of selling games, but I miss the big-box
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