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Wallace & Gromit Episode 3 - Muzzled - now available!

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Get ready for a grand day out at Monty Muzzle's fundraiser fair!

The torrential storm that poured down on West Wallaby Street in our last episode has had a tragic consequence: destruction of the local dog shelter. As a result, homeless pups are roaming the streets, including a trio of whippets who are throwing a wrench spanner in Wallace's plans to start his own ice cream business. Luckily a do-gooder named Monty Muzzle has come to town to hold a fundraiser fair, with all proceeds earmarked for the reconstruction of the shelter. Is Muzzle's offer legit? Gromit doesn't think so... and now the resourceful dog must find a way to warn everyone in town of Muzzle's uncharitable plans!

The episode is now available! Buy it here as an individual episode for $8.95, or as part of the $34.95 season bundle.

You'll find some screenshots here.

See the smooth-talking Monty Muzzle in action in this video.
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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni
    Pantagruel's Friend;137424 said:
    That reminds me of a question. Generally, how much feedback do the VOs contribute to their lines? I assume they're not involved in the writing and get a complete set, but how much is that changed / refined afterwards?
    They'll contribute the odd line here and there, but any changes we make in studio are usually everybody (myself, the actor and the casting/voice director) talking them out.

    One that sticks out: when Dibbins says "That Monty Muzzle's sound as a pound if you ask me," I originally had written as something else, but I didn't like it when I heard it so we thew a bunch of other lines at the actor (the FANTASTIC Dean Williamson) and "sound as a pound" just came out brilliantly.

    But generally (95% of the time) we stay on script.
  • SuperBosco;137433 said:
    Yeah where is it?
    It will be up in a day or two. Things have been a little swamped around here. In the meantime, feel free to hit up the hints forum if you get stumped.
  • Loved the game! The ending was pretty crazy, too! :O
  • If you're still deciding whether to buy the game, maybe Monty himself can convince you...
  • Baron Pedro;137033 said:
    Finished it.
    Best episode yet, as I'm sure everyone will agree.
    At least I agree. I really enjoyed the fact that I played with Gromit for so long. :p

    I hope they will continue right after the end of the episode in the next one. If they just pretend it never happened like they did with the end of Episode 1 I am going to get a pitchfork and hunt those programmers and writers down.
  • Just finished the episode loved it. The only weak point in my opinion was almost at the end it had too strong similarities to episode 1 in that area, actually the same sequence was funnier in episode 1.
    But besides that the ending was brilliant!
  • Certainly the best episode so far. I was sort of disappointed with episode two as it didn't introduce any new locations, but Muzzled was nearly all set in brand new environments. The graphical quality certainly stood out inside the Muzzler™ and the fair with the blurring as things moved in and out of focus. Voice acting and music was as always top rate, and a special appreciation for Monty Muzzle - certainly very skilled with the 'good' and 'evil' voices. My only problem with the game was that, despite its excitement and fun, the ending was too similar to episode one. Apart from that, well done!
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