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Sam and Max 104: Missing Bug

posted by PariahKing on - last edited - Viewed by 244 users
I placed my bug next to the guard next to the door and left to call him on the telephone to get in. I came back and I no longer see my bug. I think I need him to solve my puzzle - don't give me any clues or anything, but is that normal for him to hide and not be seen?

I also might've done this with Hugh Bliss somehow, I can't remember. All I know is that the bug guy vanished.

I think I'll just restart but I was wondering if this was normal.


Please avoid spoilers if possible.
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  • It's not normal infact you didnt need the bug there at all. He's for a puzzle later in the game.
  • Guess I'm restarting then.
  • Just finished 104. Glad it's the free episode. Brilliant work, easy to pass on to friends to show them how cool Telltale is. I read a comment someone wrote once that said 104 was the episode that made them realize Sam and Max was in the right hands. Poignant statement and very true.

    I think the problem before was that I just didn't see him - in my replay I found a very tiny bug on a yellow newspaper stand.
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