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Sam & Max Copy Protection

posted by Ezekiel000 on - last edited - Viewed by 213 users
The copy protection on the download episodes of Sam & Max is different to the copy protection used on the JoWood DVD release of Season One. I know this because I can run the DVD version on Linux with wine but not the download versions.

Now my question is this, is the copy protection on the Telltale DVD for Season 1 & Season 2 the same as the copy protection on the JoWood release?
Also will the copy protection for the Atari DVD release of Season 2 be the same as the JoWood Season 1 release?

I know there is a whole thread on how to get Sam & Max running on linux but the reason I want to know is because the JoWood DVD works out of the box no fiddling with settings needed.

So essentially I'm asking if I will have to wait for the Atari release of Season 2 or could I buy the Telltale DVD release and it would work?
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