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What if they were to make a Tv series of The wolf Among us.

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I think that would be real cool. I mean they made series of TheWalkingDead. And, it's doing great. I think that the best actor to play Bigby wolf would be Hugh Jackman. He would be perfect for the part. What are your guys thoughts on this. I'd really like to see all the different opinions out there.

  • A few years ago one NBC was in talks to make a Fables series. A script was written and everything, but it was never developed. Then NBC produced Grimm. Then in 2008, ABC picked up the rights to develop the pilot. Again, it didn't go anywhere and ABC went on to produce Once Upon A Time. Last news is that it may be in development for a live action film.

    I think Hugh Jackman would make a great Bigby. :)

  • I remember hearing news of a tv series in the works for Fables, but it fell apart. The last I heard there was a live action movie in the works though.

  • I haven't watched it but isnt that show Once upon a time pretty much the same concept?

    • Nah. I mean, it's fairytale characters in the real world, but it's still different. It's nowhere near as dark and there are lots of other things that are different about it. A lot of hardcore Fables fans balked at Once Upon A Time when it came out because ABC had picked up the rights to do a Fables pilot, then for whatever reason that project was dropped. But, right after that they developed OUAT. The writers admitted that they read some Fables issues, but said they felt like even though both shared a similar idea, they weren't actually trying to base OUAT on Fables or anything. Some fans just felt like it was too coincidental that they developed OUAT right after they showed an interest in the Fables script.

      I haven't really watched enough of the show to figure out whether or not I personally think it was Fables inspired.

  • i would say josh holloway would be a great Bigby

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    i think fables may have influenced Once Upon a Time, but i think in reality they were both inspired by the same thing, which is old fables, just as so many other things are

  • Okay, now it will be a bit of my complains. Party Pooper strikes again!

    Personally I don't like title of this thread. The Wolf Among Us is a game based on a comic series Fables. Since it's canon, I like to think about 'The Wolf Among Us' as an title of Fables comicbook (like Legends in Exile, March of Wooden Soldiers etc.). Proper title of thread should be ' What if they were to make a tv series of Fables'. That makes sense then, cause is paying attention to all universe, not just things we'll see in this game.
    And on TWAU's facebook we could read Bill Willingham's message about TWAU's scenario and how great it is. He also mentioned why there was no tv-series or movies so far. I'll quote that part:

    "Fables has been shopped around for a movie or TV show almost right from the launch of the series. On two different occasions the possible, maybe, could be deal (which is as far as most projects go out there) resulted in scripts for a Fables TV pilot (and in each case the script was never filmed as a pilot).

    In both cases, when I was eventually allowed to read them, the scripts told me the same thing: whoever wrote these stories never read Fables, or didn’t like what they’d read, or simply thought they’d do something different to put their own personal “stamp” on the story. Even the one that was a pretty good fairy tale story, in the most generic sense, was a lousy Fables story. Except for using some of the same names for characters they bore little resemblance to the Fables comic book series."

    So, I wouldn't expecting any tv series soon. But maybe some day they'll find someone who will be able to write good Fables script.

    Josh Holloway as Bigby? No, I would see him more like a Jack, if as anyone.

  • I think you mean "What if they made a tv series of Fables?" And yes, they should make tv show of Fables.

    Though to do it properly, it should be a channel like FX or HBO.

  • They should make the tv show. That will be really great.

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    I will keep insisting that Stan Lee will make a great Jersey.

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  • I think it would great show, Maybe with TWAU done they could add new stories with TWAU storyline.

  • I feel like Robin Thicke would make a good Bigby. maybe cuz of that "get her back" music video where his face was all beaten up and bloody lol
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