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Monkey Island (tribute) Art book

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as a fan of the Games, i am also fan of the Art in the monkey island series, seeing different styles and progress art work,i love looking at different illustrations,(im a creative guy, hence why i do acting),thats why i read graphic novels, but also i see alot of video game art books, especially from Japan, that shows you the different illustrations, even concepts that didnt make it to the final game,but all art has some sort of description that tells you a history behind it.

now i thought since there bringing out Monkey Island again, it would be outstanding to see an Anniversery of Monkey Island Book,showing you the art and telling you about the history of Monkey Island, through all the series.

or i thought having a Monkey Island Tribute art book, i remember when street fighter had a 20th Anniversery and they released a tribute book from different illustrators around the world and the best art work was released in that book

now if both those books were released id buy them in a heart beat, what do you guys think?
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