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Questions for Mike Stemmle? Post 'em here!

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While the Q&A with the team thread is quite possibly the coolest thread in the history of Telltale's forum, we wanted to give you guys a chance to get a little more in depth with the folks working on the game, so starting this week we will be doing Q&As with specific members of the Tales of Monkey Island team... starting with designer Mike Stemmle!
Tales of Monkey Island team page said:
During his decade-plus tenure at LucasArts, Mike was kept as far away from Star Wars as possible, instead acting as lead designer on titles like Escape from Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Afterlife, and the never-released Sam & Max: Freelance Police. After several years working as lead writer on Star Trek Online, Mike came to Telltale, where he co-designed Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. His disturbing blend of dry wit, convoluted syntactical constructions, and bathroom humor have added a healthy helping of absurdity to the Tales of Monkey Island proceedings.
Mike's the lead writer/designer on the first Tales of Monkey Island episode, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, so you should definitely pick his brain about that. But also feel free to ask about other projects he's worked on, his favorite color, his favorite Star Trek character, etc.
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  • ttg_Stemmle;137559 said:
    I can absolutely guarantee that my humor hasn't gotten any more sophisticated over the years.
    I love the Sam and Max Seasons too. Love the puns and jokes and all that!
  • How often do you think of the good ol' days back at LA? Where do you think is more creativity florishing: back then at LA or nowadays at TTG?
  • dumpling321;137677 said:
    42 duh!!
    Not quite "duh". The joke is that they asked for the answer to the ultimate question. Then, when trying to find the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything, they found that the ultimate question wasn't "What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?". The whole joke doesn't logically stand up if you say "42" is the Meaning, because it simply isn't.
  • Hey Mike,

    Surprised nobody asked you this yet.... But, It's my understanding that Freelance Police was pretty much finished when it was canceled.....

    With that said my question to you is:

    Freelance Police vs Save the World & Beyond Time and Space?

    Which did you like better as a finished product... also which do you think was more true to the original.... and as a finale of sorts (I already know the answer but I'm gonna ask anyway) Which did you think was better and what has working on Telltale's version rubbed on you the most?

    (Oh and by the way... us Sam n' Max fans really love that wide screen.... Season 1 is on XBLA with widescreen support and we were told that you wouldn't retro fit the engine... so, my suggestion is to make the re-releases on PC too... or Patch it. Which ever works better :-)....)
  • How can you type with boxing gloves on?
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    When you look at the general opinion of EMI, how do you feel?
  • TheJoe;138565 said:
    When you look at the general opinion of EMI, how do you feel?
    Hmmm... I absolutely adored Escape. I actually started playing it again last night and remembered how great it was. I had just got done playing CMI and the first thing I noticed in EMI is that I was actually laughing out loud--frequently. Don't get me wrong, CMI is perfect in everyway and I enjoy it immensley, but I find EMI more witty and hilarious. I never did understand why it was the "odd duck out." Maybe I am just weird.

    Although, I do understand two things: I missed Lechuck as the lead villain and...

    When I control the game I DO feel like I am operating heavy machinery. Accursed post 1997 belief that point and click was dead!
  • I was wondering how you got into the whole game business.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    PariahKing;138994 said:
    This is a funny joke answer to my question because it leads into another question I was thinking of asking you. Ironically I happen to be a conservative Republican and a theologically conservative Christian. (I am not trying to imply I took offense at your joke or anything.)

    Basically what I want to ask is: Will that kind of political and/or religious humor be present in Monkey Island? There was this kind of borderline environmentalist and anti-capitalist undertone in Escape.


    My concern is that Monkey Island becomes divisive or contreversial. I don't want any political or religious issue to be more than a throw away joke in the series even if it's something I support. That's just not what Monkey Island should be to me. I would be upset if the theory from the "What's his theory" button was the theory of evolution where people who disagree with ideas or tenants of it are made out to be idiots and lunatics as a focal point of the game and more than a throw away line. Nor would I want Monkey Island to focus on the proof of theism and god or to mock atheists. I want it to be a fun adventure game that everyone can enjoy. That's what Monkey Island has always meant to me.

    If the answer is "We're going to use Monkey Island as a political or religious football" I will be disappointed. I would not picket the site or complain or whine or expect the whole world to tailor to my personal religious beliefs - whether I think they apply to all people or not. I would be unhappy. If I can get a solid "We're not going to do that" I'd be thrilled. If I get a "I don't know/ignore" I understand. If it's like "It'll be kinda like Escape level" I'm OK with that - Escape wasn't so overtly so that I didn't like it. I actually really liked it. I'd just like to know what to expect.

    And no, I am not implying in any way I think anyone who disagrees with me in the forums is stupid or that I blindly believe stuff. Nor do I disrespect those who disagree with me. I have reasons for my opinions that I believe are valid that I have researched. I understand that people disagree with me and that I am not the only Telltale customer.

    I'm going to sneak in here and snipe Mike's answer sooner rather than later, because last time someone expressed a similar concern, it caused the thread to fester and go insane. So to answer your question, no, we're not going to use Monkey Island as a political or religious football. We're going to use Monkey Island as a political and religious football.

    Really, though, the focus of Tales of Monkey Island's big picture story is all about the piracy, seafaring, legends, nationalized health care, and voodoo-infused goodness that we all "remember" when thinking about MI. In short, going topical with the overarching story and themes isn't something we see as part of Monkey Island, unless those topics happen to be humor and awesome, hopefully evocative, pirate stuff.
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