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Big Monkey Island Contest

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Lets see you scurvy pirates, what ye got!

Inspired by the idea in this post, i thought to made waiting for first episode slightly more easier and interesting by starting the Super Ultra Mega Monkey Island Contest. Now, i thought it will be a little unfair to be only a Youtube contest, as not everyone have and know to use video tools and that sort of thing, so i thought to give it a little more optional aspect, so majority can contribute if they want in a style they choose. So, here are my ideas for a works, and of course, they are all with a theme of Monkey Island

- Monkey Island short story, novel, tale, anecdote, stage play... umm, costumes?
- Monkey Island poem, like, "There's a monkey in my pocket"
- Monkey Island video, animation, gif...
- Monkey Island music, cover, original piece of music
- Monkey Island drawing, poster, picture, comic, collage etc.

More suggestions and comments are welcome.

Now, there are already great fan artist there with a great works, so i guess if they take part with on their works they would probably take the prize.. prize?? yes, there are BIG prizes, but more about that later. Still, i thought to open the thread for fun, and if any fan artist with his piece of work want to take part in this little game, he can post also in this thread. So, works posted in this thread will be officaly in the contest. As for the judges, we'll see about that underway (Of course, I will be the main jury, and i m very easy to bribe, so PM me).

Now, the - prizes. Yes, there are prizes and they are big like Big Whoop, so if you've wanted to get rich here's your chance. There are many prizes for the best contestants, like one million pieces of eight, coupons for Planet Threepwood, one-month grog supplies and lets not reveal them all.

I thought to make the Contest until the first episode comes, so lets say until the 6th of July?

and remember - "When there's only one candidate, there's only one choice". :p
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