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Please increase the sound quality for voices

posted by neilka on - last edited - Viewed by 3.4K users
As has been noted in several threads of yore, the sound quality used for voices in past Telltale releases has been lower than some people would like. The voices sound overcompressed and clipped, which is especially evident when a character says the letter "s".

(To head this off at the pass - I realise that some people either don't notice or don't care about this problem, in which case forget you ever read this thread and don't try listening for it!)

With Dominic Armato back on board, it'd be an extraordinary shame for the voices to fall victim to the same problem again. So I beseech you Telltale, please increase the amount of data allocated to voices this time around so that Guybrush's esses (and other letters) can ring out across the Caribbean with the clarity they deserve.

Thank you!
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  • I can hear up to 18,000Hz; but I have tinnitus anyway, so I don't care for hearing high noises.
  • salmonmax;138459 said:
    I can't imagine that it would be too difficult to increase the sound quality, but if it increases the download size, it increases their bandwidth usage for each download. So while it may only result in, say, a file size that's 20 MB bigger, multiply that by however many thousands of purchases, the increased bandwidth may have a real effect on their bottom line.
    That's why more and more companies use P2P solutions when delivering large amounts of data (like Blizzard does with WoW updates).

    I also cannot understand what kind of sound system or ears are required to not hear the problems with the audio quality. I mean, just talk to Miss Flitt in either of the first two episodes of W&G. It's apparent in any of the characters' voices, but hers sounds the most awful. I guess this could also be a problem arising from the mastering process, especially if it's done in-house by someone who isn't an audio professional. They might just be accentuating the wrong frequencies a bit too much, so that it finally breaks when compression is applied, even if the compression quality on it's own might be enough under better circumstances.

    Who knows why it sounds like crap. But it does, and it needs to be fixed.
  • WDeranged;127530 said:
    Just adding my thumbs up to this thread, more than sam and max, more than strongbad, monkey island deserves top quality speech.
  • better sound would be nice but it isn't on the top of my list.
  • haven't noticed throughout S&M s1 and 2.
  • I hadn't noticed until I read this thread and listened really closely :( I then forgot and stopped noticing. I might have noticed it more if I was using headphones rather than speakers.
  • playclever;138619 said:
    I hadn't noticed until I read this thread and listened really closely :( I then forgot and stopped noticing. I might have noticed it more if I was using headphones rather than speakers.
    It's so weird how some people notice it and others don't. The first time I played episode one of S&M (on my home PC with decent-quality Altec Lansing speakers), within the first few seconds I was thinking, WTF is up with the sound? Then I met the Soda Poppers and Sybil, and it was far more pronounced. I thought, geeze fans are going to be really annoyed with this. Then I found that there were a few complaints, but most people didn't seem to notice.

    Like I've said, I'm no audiophile. But for some reason, this is really noticeable for me. Starting to question my own sanity, I just fired up Ice Station Santa a minute ago on my laptop and plugged in some earbuds, and sure enough, I noticed the audio compression immediately. It sounds like Sam and Max are talking to each other over telephones or something. With all of the clever dialog being bounced around, it's a shame to be distracted.

    Again, hopefully this will be better in Tales of Monkey Island. Incidentally, I just watched some of that SOMI: SE playthrough, and the voice quality in that is exquisite. Hopefully Telltale follows suit with TMI.
  • I'm all for better audio quality, on the demoes for Sam & Max I noticed it a few times but I just put that down to it being a Demo Version so they might of reduced sound quality to reduce demo size. I honestly don't mind downloading large files, I usually have to anyway :p I hope the DVD comes with Higher Bitrate audio for both Speech and Music as I'd imagine the work put into this game deserves the best treatment. :)
  • I noticed it. I didn't care.
  • In Wallace and Gromit episode The Last Resort, there are a few scenes were the audio problem really sticks out more then usally. So for those of you who dont seem to hear the audio problem. If your interested, play along until you reach [SPOILER]the scene were the whole town stands in Wallace and Gromits basment arguing and talking in each others mouths[/SPOILER]
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