Monkey Island Special Edition Playthrough Recording

For those who weren't there or didn't know, LucasArts did a live 1-hour playthrough of the new Monkey Island Special Edition today at and it just ended a little while ago. I recorded most of the entire playthrough (audio only). So you can't see anything, but you can hear some of the updates. Plenty of examples of voice work and the new soundtrack as well. It's in OGG Vorbis format because it's smaller than MP3 and it's quite a long file (brought the file size down 94.7%!).

I missed the intro music and the opening. But the recording starts in the Scumm Bar while talking to Spiffy, I believe. They also switch between the Special Edition and Classic modes often so when the sound dies down and you hear the original CD-ROM version that's what that is. Enjoy. The quality is actually pretty good. If you don't know how to play OGG files then download Winamp or a plugin for Windows Media Player. The sound is also a little loud and distorted just at the beginning because I had the volume level up too high. I fixed it shortly after recording.

Monkey Island Special Edition Playthrough 52:42 long, 28.4MB

Some musical cues. Some of these aren't the only times they come up:

00:00 - Scumm Bar
06:47 - LeChuck's Theme (cutscene)
14:38 - Jail Theme (Otis) (notice that this version uses the alternate bass lead from the Adlib/MT-32 soundtrack that wasn't included in the CD-ROM version)
16:40 - Following the Shopkeeper
21:56 - The Circus
24:22 - Melee Island Map
26:24 - Voodoo Shop I love this version but my only issue is that this wouldn't sound near as threatening enough in the Monkey Island cave tunnel maze
52:02 - Stan's Used Ships

Also I missed the Loom guy's sales pitch, but the voice acting for that character was spectacularly goofy! Too bad I missed it. The shopkeeper's voice is absolutely excellent.


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    You can watch it here guys:

    Not sure if they did a Q+A or anything when it was shown live as I missed it.
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    tomo_cjt wrote: »
    Not sure if they did a Q+A or anything when it was shown live as I missed it.

    Not really. Every once in a while, the LucasArtsGames guy would post a comment in the chatbox, but it was never anything behind-the-scenes or interesting.
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    Yeah, just ignore this thread. Didn't know they archived the video :/.
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