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Netbook support

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I'm thinking about getting a netbook. I need it for 3 reasons:

1. Because it's tiny and I've got enough junk lying around already
2. Because I need windows to test websites in Internet Explorer
3. Because I want to play Telltale games on the train.

I was just wondering if there are any netbooks out there (I'm looking at around 9" screens) that will run Sam & Max and SBCG4AP? Does anyone have any experience with getting them running?

I'm currently looking at the MSI Wind, Acer Aspire One and the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. Most of the specs seems OK but none of them seem to list any information about the graphics card. Will the run the games?

And if they won't work can anyone recommend a netbook that will?

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  • All the ones I've seen have some sort of Intel onboard graphics. We don't really support those officially, so it'd be a gamble.
  • If you are willing to wait, there are some netbooks around the corner that will feature high(er) end nVidia graphics chipsets. The ASUS N10 is an example. However, bear in mind that these will cost much much more than, say, a Dell Mini 9 (think 2-3 times as much, I would guess).

    You should try to find a friend with a Windows netbook and test it out. My roommate has a Linux netbook, otherwise I would have him try it out.
  • I installed SBCG4AP Episode 1 on my Asus Eee PC 1000H (10") and it worked reasonably well. The native screen resolution (1024x600) isn't supported, but I ran it in windowed mode 800x600 and it seemed OK.

    You might still get some graphicy glitches but I was getting them on my desktop PC as well which has a Nvidia GeForce 9300XT in it...
  • Well I thought I'd post an update - I got a nice new netbook despite possibly not being able to run the games. I went for the Acer Aspire One which is really cute and has a lovely screen. 1.6Ghz CPU, 8Mb graphics memory and it came with 512Mb RAM but I've upgraded that to 1.5Gb.

    It turns out that the games I tried (S&M: S1E1, SB: S1E3) worked fine even before the RAM upgrade. The visuals weren't silky smooth but there was virtually no jitter and it was very playable.

    So pleased I can play games on the train now :)
  • I have managed to run Wallace & Gromit 1 and Strong Bad 4 on my Ideapad with a little trouble. When I say "run", I mean run for two minutes and see that things appear to work.

    I had to use the special graphics setting program to set my screen resolution to 640x480, 32bit colour depth before anything would run. Bone and Sam & Max games still won't start properly--I get chopped sound and a flashing white screen.
  • If anybody is interested: I tried the W&G demo on my ASUS 1000H in the native 1024x600 resolution and it worked fine when I set the graphics level to "1". - By the way, 9" or 10" display size should not matter, as long as the resolution is the same.
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