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OMG! The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood!

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That's how Episode 4 is called. Will we see Guybrush... die? We probably will, but I assume it will be in a similar fashion to Curse of Monkey Island :-P

I can't wait for the first episode to come and get to play a new Monkey Island. Thanks Telltale for making us so happy! :-D
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  • Or perhaps it won't actually be Guybrush being executed, but someone posing as him?
  • Haggis;138754 said:
    Or perhaps it won't actually be Guybrush being executed, but someone posing as him?
    Oh lol :D

    That reminds me of like the episode of Red Dwarf "Cassandra" where Rimmer was told he would die to which he gave the guard his jacket with his name tag on it to which the guard died instead of heart attack :D
  • It occurs to me how those words carry different meanings even within the same context. There are many things "tried" and "executed" which have nothing to do with legal justice.

    For instance, software is tried and executed (although we tend to say "implemented," it means the same thing). Most ideas are tried before their execution too.

    I'm not going to speculate on the stories now. I'd rather let the art and craft flow over me.
  • Could be hes put on trial and has to clear his name by the end of the episode, maybe a bit like when he got framed for robbery on Lucre Island in EMI
  • It wouldn't surprise me if it's just TTG messing with the hardcore fans a bit. With such discussions about story etc, what would be the absolute most heinous crime any game developer could think of? Killing off Guybrush obviously. Oh, there would squadrons of soldiers with torches and pitchforks heading towards the HQ.
  • Yeah, it'd be great seeing Guybrush as a zombie and LeChuck as a human! Great idea!
  • He shall be reborn as the Pirate God mentioned in the next episode's title, obviously!

    I kind of hope they build up the execution dramatically, and then end the episode a split second before it's made sure he's gonna die. That would be awesome tension-building across episodes.

    An alternative is ending it as his head is separated from his shoulders and lingering on it for a bit. Have the next episode preview voiced by another character.

    There a a billion ways to bring him back from such a scenario, including a Dallas-like "it never happened"(as a nod to MI2, "How could you/Guybrush be dead if you're/he's sitting right there?"
  • He could just be sentenced to a marooning.
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