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Would you like to see Monkey Island 2 lechucks revenge special edition?

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.8K users
as everyone knows with the hype leading up to the new Secret of Monkey Island:SE, everyone is wondering if there going to make a special edition to Monkey Island 2, now Monkey Island 2 is my favourite game in the series (infact it was the first one i played out of the series),my only concern is seeing the revamp of this game,because as crazy as it sounds, i really love detail in the game, the art work and backgrounds was really breathtaking, and if they revamp the characters,i dont know if there going to loose the hilarious facial expressions, like when guybrush shoves a dog down his pants, or see his cheesy smile, when hes up to no good, or when he gets threaten by largo and you see guybrushs false hair, i dont know wether it would feel the same.

what do you guys think? do you think my concerns are ridiculous, or do you agree with what im saying
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  • I don't think that we will find a Monkey Island fan that woldn't want LR special edition... We can only count on us, so Don't be cheap guys! Buy MI 1 SE and we will have LR quickly ;)
  • I would LOVE IT.... But I wouldnt want them to change the style too much just make it hi-rez.
  • Irishmile;138895 said:
    I would LOVE IT.... But I wouldnt want them to change the style too much just make it hi-rez.
    Yeah, just re-draw the sprited in HD and scan in the backgrounds at a higher resolution.

    OH, and try and get IMUSE to work with a fully orchestrated soundtrack, actually that would be a fun project to work on - updating IMUSE. shame I live in the UK so I can't apply to work at LA :(
  • The MI2 iMuse soundtrack could probably work with digital variations. But instead of having separate tracks for each song you'd need separate tracks for almost every instrument separately in every song! Seeing as a lot of themes fade one lead instrument out and another lead instrument in...all in the same theme. And then there's the cued song endings where a song can stop in certain sections of it and end very nicely. The thing that has me most worried, though, is the pitch-shifting from the spitting contest. When Guybrush goes to start the spitting contest the music slows down and gradually decreases in pitch on the fly. Pitch shifting on digital waveforms is undesirable so I don't know what they'd do for that. Probably just make it fade out or something. Or have a pre-recorded alternate track where the music slows down and the instruments gradually drop in key as they're played by the musicians.

  • I simply would love that they update the ¡Muse system! That (almost) makes me more excited than the actual LR remake!

    Really, Monkey 2 has such a brilliant soundtrack... I think it haven't been surpased in terms of interactivity, even to this day. COMI and EMI may have used the system, but it haven't showed such quality in terms of interactivity.

    As MusicallyInspired mentioned different soundtracks for each instrument and/or pitch and tempo variation would be great. It is possible with today technology and storage capabilities.

    It would simply rock and it's a reason I want Monkey Island 2 remade even more.

    They could even use the system in all their newer games, and I can surely say that it would be the most important enhancement in the sound department in games of the decade.
  • That's a good point about the soundtrack as that is a large part of what made the game what it is because it's the main thing you hear. Having voiced characters could actually diminish the power of the soundtrack which would be a huge shame. For example, I liked the soundtrack for CMI but apart from the songs sung by the characters I couldn't really name any particular theme that really stood out. Not so in Secret & Revenge.

    This has made me very interested to see how LA have combined a voice track with the music in Secret SE.
  • plrichard;138024 said:
    Plus I'd really like to hear what Largo would sound like.
    Remember this one from 2002?
    It sounded quite convincing, imho. Best April fools joke ever.
    I liked that Largo in it.
    I don't find the news page linking this file anymore. The hoax was a cooperation of several sites, Dominic Armato contributed his voice and the music was done by Highland Productions. I don't remember who did the Largo part, though.
    KB57;138150 said:
    I can't stand fan voiceovers. They sound dorky and I'd rather hear a professional. The drawback to stuff that's "4 free" is that you get what you pay for.
    The quality sure varies. Most what I heard from the fan dub WIP of MI1 was quite adequate. Also not so long ago there were "Broken Sword 2.5" and "Zak McKracken: between time and space" (both in German) which have quite good voice acting. The latter has some minor mixing issues, though.
    On the other side, taking a professional example like "Fate of Atlantis", the voice acting really isn't that convincing either, I'd say.
  • Yes MI 2 SE is a must - and why not make CMI in a VGA version? Now that would be fun :D
  • Absolutely. Lucas Arts should remake all those 2D point&click adventures and I wish whoever owns the rights to the Sierra material would do the same.
  • LogicDeLuxe;139176 said:
    I don't remember who did the Largo part, though.
    That was Dom as well.
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