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14 days left!

posted by pilouuuu on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
Wow, doesn't the countdown in the home page makes you even more excited about the new Monkey Island adventures?

I can't wait for it! Thanks Telltale for making this one of the best years for me! :-)
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  • only 2 weeks away from the biggest comeback in gaming history, can't wait!!!
  • Threepwood4Life;140217 said:
    only 2 weeks away from the biggest comeback in Adventure gaming history, can't wait!!!

    Seriously, let's face it, as much as I love MI, Starcraft 2 is in the works and that's a game that didn't get a sequel for a looong time.
  • I agree this is hardly the biggest comeback in the gaming industry.

    But it's going to be one of the best (I hope).
  • Mack Daddy;140146 said:

    W00t! (Horrible picture I know - cell phone camera)
    what exactly did you take a picture of.? just uh?

    This would be the biggest thing in adventure gaming if that said Monkey Island 5 note that it does not
  • actually i cant remember of bigger gaming come back, not talking about quality, just of the franchise popularity

    and u can not compare starcraft which is one game with monkey island series, also quality aside
  • Edward VanHelgen;140307 said:
    and u can not compare starcraft which is one game with monkey island series, also quality aside
    Okay then. Replace Starcraft 2 with Diablo 3. Happy now?

    And what does "Quality aside" even mean in this context?
  • onlyamonkey;140140 said:
    TTG should come with a warning label. "Warning: May cause serious nostalgia flashbacks and some individuals may experience addictiveness bordering madness."
    Accurate! Some of us have been waiting for QUALITY games since 2004. I speak, specifically, for the upcoming Jane Jenson game, called, "Grey Matter." This is a game I will purchase, blind (without demo) because I trust Jane to write an exceptional story.

    To topic: What the hell is wrong with Generation Y? Why can't they accept that they do not have entitlement? Two weeks, fer chrissakes! They have no idea what it is to wait for a game to be fully developed. These are toads and tools. Anyone who "can't wait" for a game to be delivered in 4 (nay 2 more weeks) is a geek of the most disdainful type. Screw these losers!

    Give us MI as you see fit. I will even wait until August 7th, if you need that time to make the game perfect. Anyone who moans about a mere two weeks for a quality game should be ignored as the crybaby suck-ass that they show themselves to be.
  • it means i m not arguing which game is better in its own standard, or genre, but talking only about franchise itself

    i don't think that diablo 3 is bigger gaming comeback to Monkey Island of several reasons

    monkey island has 4 sequels, with first one released much before diablo 1. diablo has two sequels, with first released 12 years ago. both last installments of the two series as for now are released 9 years ago.

    yes, diablo 1 is one of the best game (as is Monkey Island), and diablo 3 is probably gonna be more expensive budget title then Tales of MI or SE, but when i say "come back" i m not taking into observation quality of new games, just the come back itself.
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