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The game halts and freezes every time i enter a new screen. I'm figuring its my graphics card but lowering the res and quality dont seem to help.. heres my computer specs and any advice would be greatly appreciated (aside from the obvious buy a new computer...I wish):

AMD Athlon 1.5mhz
512 mb of ram
40 gb hard drive and a 20gb drive.. paging size set on 1gb
Nvidia Geforce4 Ti 4200

If you need to know anything else just ask and as i said any help is appreciated. ..... please :(


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    Your computer's on the low end of the spectrum but it should still be okay.

    Have you updated your video drivers lately?

    Also, you're sure there's nothing running in the background (IM, virus scanner, etc.) that could be interfering?
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    Yea unfortunately being lower class doesnt have its perks. But I figured my magic box (aka computer) should be ok to run it. Alas it seems nay. My first guess was drivers which i updated. Fixed the problem to a degree (it doesnt reset it self now) and also closed MSN and my virus scanner still the same problem. It clears it self a bit if i alt tab out and back into it but thats a hassle and very slow.

    The main problem is that it halts and the graphics go all discolored and smudged. Hence why my graphic card is my guess. If so looks like i have to skip out on a great game.
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    I have the exact same problem on my Athlon 1.8ghx 512 meg. When i enter a new scene, especially the final building, it freezes, the sounds stutter and it loads for a long time. then it resume normally. There is quite a few slowdowns here and there for a few reason, and i know that my pc is ok with no problems whatsoever, i play recent games with no problems with medium detail.

    I hope there is a patch that optimize the game a bit, and that this is taken into account for the rest of the episodes. I bought the whole package and i'd be annoyed if it did this in every episodes. Other than that the production value is top notch :)
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    The main problem is that it halts and the graphics go all discolored and smudged. Hence why my graphic card is my guess.

    That doesn't sound good at all. :eek:

    I played the game on my computer at home, which has similar specs to yours (1.7 GHz processor, Nvidia Geforce2 card, same amount of RAM) and it ran very well. Only real difference is that mine is a Pentium, and obviously the video card is a little different but not by much.

    Anyway, thanks both of you for posting about your experiences. Since we have not seen these issues in our test environment, the more we hear about them from you guys, the better equipped we are to figure out what's wrong.
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    I wonder what resolution these guys are playing at, and what graphics options are turned on?

    Perhaps they should try the game on a lower resolution and with lower graphics settings and see if it's one of those things causing the slowdowns.
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    as i said i tried lowering both the res and the quality and no help. tried turning it onto windowed mode and its worse.
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