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Speech Compression

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Hi everybody.

I'm Stuart, a full time composer / music producer from the UK and I love Sam n Max, I've replayed hit the road 100s of times (and I play it even more now I have a GP2X :-)

Great start to the new series - and its great to see a proper adventure game, however the one niggling annoyance was the amount / type of compression applied to the speech.

The speech is compressed to such a degree that it is very noticeable especially on s's and female voices. I don’t think most people would mind a longer download time in order to get full quality speech. Maybe offer 2 versions?

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  • Steltek;14049 said:
    I might be wrong, but I thing they're using Ogg Vorbis to compress audio in the game. If so, you can't really get much better by changing the codec ass Ogg Vorbis pretty much beats everything else out there in terms of quality. Of course, if you force too much compression on a file, you will always get an audible degradation of the sound quality.
    If they realy are using Ogg Vorbis, it's highly likely that they could improve the audio quality withouth raising the filesize much. If they are using default Vorbis encoding tools, switching to newer more experimental tools would help a lot. There's a Vorbis encoder named as "aoTuV" which includes amazing quality tweaks for Vorbis encoder. It's 100% compatible with Xiph.Org Vorbis decoder. It's based on libvorbis of Xiph.Org and includes heavy tweaking of psychoacoustic model.
  • Ogg vorbis is used for the music, and Speex is used for voices/fx.
    Personally, I've found the speech quality to be fine :)
  • Just wanted to drop a line here. I sought out and registered for this forum for the sole purpose of finding out if Telltale had been informed of the very bad audio quality in the Sam and Max games. I often find it distracting and sometimes find it cringe-inducing. An upgrade to the audio quality in the future (especially on the CD version, where size shouldn't be as big of an issue), would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S. Other than the audio, keep up the good work. I'm really enjoying the games.
  • I think it's fine. I usually notice these kind of things, but I haven't noticed the low quality too much here... If I think about it it's obvious, but I can usually get past it.
  • Doesn't bother me much.. but I can easily hear it on S's. I can enjoy the game no matter what they decide to do with the speech tho, so it's not a huge concern of mine.

    Would I accept better? Sure. Can I live without better? Sure.
  • I was wondering why I kept hearing problems with Ses, I thought my headphones were going out.
  • I just wanted to say, that I'd love some better compression sound wise... There's no reason having a semi-great surround system if the sound's all messy. I reacted to the S's being all screechy like and would love a separate "High Quality Speech Pack" or something. I would easily download an extra 20mb's to get rid of the schreechiness...
  • The sound quality really needs improvements. The game is great but the bad sound quality really takes away alot of the feeling of the game.

    It's 2007 guys! Every downloadable gamedemo is around 1-4gig and patches for big games like World of Warcraft are around 0.5-1gigabyte. Belieave me, if you would make a game like S&M 100megs larger for improved soundquality not one person in the world would complain about it. In the time we now live in people either don't have a connection or download big things fast.
  • My thoughts exactly. Love the series, but I'm really hoping that a higher-quality audio pack will be released later. Music is fine, but the voices sound like I'm listening to a walkie-talkie (though the acting is great).
  • Me Not Bothered By Compressed Sound!!!
    Me Like To Compress Things!!!
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