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Murray and Stan are overrated!

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What's with everyone's infatuation with these two characters? There are countless other characters I'd rather see return in TOMI than either of them.
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  • I agree Stan is not that cool, but HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE MURRAY?
  • Agreed. It would be better to introduce more characters than fit in as many returnees as possible for the sake of posterity.

    I wouldn't mind Murray returning but only if:

    - He has an important role to play in the game rather than a background cameo you can choose to avoid.
    - The graphic artists don't just resort to a sphere on a spike. Make him have eye expressions like Manny Calavera.
    - Denny Delk does the voice. Having said that though I have every confidence the guys will find equally comparable voice talent to Delk if they have someone else playing him.
  • Murray was a funny side-charater for comic releif but I wouldn't mind if he didn't show up again. Stan, on the other hand, has been there since the very first game and he's actually an important character every time. Meeting him and interacting with him was necessary to complete the game. And honestly, he's funnier than Murray.
  • Hi Brandon. It's James here.

  • Stan is actually one of the most annoying characters in this game. Where is the Cabana Boy? Hopefully he is guarding the beach in Tales of MI

    "Ohhhh Cabannna Boy"

    "That oil is solely for the fry station technician"

    "That beach is for members only"

    "Those towels are for members of the beach club only"

    How can you beat this guy ? ......You cant!
  • agree about Stan. Never got the big deal about him. I think Murray is okay, but he is like Yoda on star wars - have very few scenes overall, showed up fairly late in the saga, and people are crazy about him for no apparent reason. hmph.
  • Check the polls in my signature, you'll see that not too many people are going to agree with your intial post . Stan and Murray are rated above Eliane Marley -totally insane ! They should get Billy Mayes (Sham Wow) to do the voice of Stan . That would be the first time I thought Stan was funny. The funniest Stan moment for me was when you nailed the smuck in a coffin in Monkey Island Two . Monkey Island Three played off of the coffin joke well . Where was I ? Oh right, Stan was never too comical for me but he definitely is a rememberable character for me.
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