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Alternate Controls?

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As many of you know, there are difficulties with the arrow key controls, especially with changing angles. I'm just gonna put out a suggestion; Alternate Controls. Basically a few different controls to make thiungs easier, of course the first alternate control I'm putting foward is point-and-click as especially with the changing angles, point-and-click is conveniant, and telltale customers (I generally believe) are used to point and click.

Another alternate control I'm putting out there is keyboard button choice, what I mean is if for example you don't prefer pressing shift to bring up the inventory or if you want to control movement perhaps you want the keypad? I don't care.

Now being a Telltale game coming out in less than a week I obviously do not expect these changes to be made to this episode, I don't really expect it to even be changed this whole season, I don't really know how easy/hard it is to change game controls. This is just an idea I'm putting out there.

Now you've read this tear me apart with comments!

Thanks for Reading,
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  • Interesting turn into technical details - I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way, but I'll add some suggestions myself.

    First of all, from what I've seen, there are not so many situations limited by the "walk toward the camera" issue. I'm not counting non-interactive "cut-scenes".

    1. Just do a rayhit with the geometry (from camera through cursor) and the first point found, just use it to pick the nearest path grid point. Player goes there. You can project the point on the walk plane(s) or whatever you use. You can also consider the player's position when you choose the closest path grid point. If needed you can filter the geometry you test in the rayhit to walls and floors.

    2. Usually adventures exit close-up scenes by clicking the bottom of the screen.
    When you click this area, you can extend the previous technique by doing a rayhit (from player) toward the camera and hit whatever geometry is there. Again pick the closest path grid point to that location.

    Now, the solution above may (or may not) work in all scenes or frames. But I have the feeling it would in most of them. Why not implement it as an additional feature. You can leave the keyboard on, in case the point n click doesn't work for a particular scene frame.

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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    [TTG said:
    I don't mind discussing technical minutia with the community
    you have some serious stamina. I can't believe you're still contributing to this thread
  • NickTTG;125009 said:
    you have some serious stamina. I can't believe you're still contributing to this thread
    If they were just throwing rocks at me, I probably would have bailed long ago.
  • [TTG said:
    Yare;125015']If they were just throwing rocks at me
    Then we would never get anywhere. =]

    At least this way we get to understand the reasons for the decision, and maybe even help influence changes/improvements.

    Having thought about it a bit, there's a few things I can think of that might ease the problem of those pesky few scenes where the ground is out of frame.

    As xelanoimis said, it's worth factoring in the very small number of scenes where this is a problem.

    First and foremost, shots where the ground is off-screen are generally pretty confined and close-up. This means the need for a lot of player movement, other than to exit the scene is limited to begin with. On top of that, most of the movement would (in most cases) be controllable by clicking interactive areas and having the character move there to perform an action. Scenes of this nature would generally have them fairly tightly clustered due to their close-up nature.

    For what little movement is involved in scenes like that, it may require manual setting of click targets. Anything below a certain point would be left or right movement depending on the click, and anything above would walk the character "up" and out of the scene (I imagine it would be rare where the scene exit is down, but that could be factored in easily enough too). The need for manual setup is not ideal, however these scenes are so infrequent that it shouldn't be much work, especially compared to setting it up for a S&M/SBCG4AP episode (from what it sounded like you were doing it manually throughout, correct me if I misinterpreted).

    What have I overlooked?
  • Yare, you still with us?
  • Pirateguybrush;125200 said:
    Yare, you still with us?
    Of course!

    It's too late to make an additional control scheme for Wallace & Gromit. Due to the episodic nature of our projects, our schedules are extremely tight and don't have much wiggle room. If we do another direct-control game in the future, it's possible that the engineers on that project might have the inclination and enough R&D time to get some kind of intuitive mouse-only control in. Point-and-click might even work side by side with direct control if the designers want to use Sam & Max style camera framing.

    That sort of thing is decided by designers, though, not engineers. And we have so many engineers that it's probable for the next project I won't even be the person implementing the controls. We won't know until the next project gets under way.
  • Of course, I never expected you guys to go back and add it in (as much as I would like you to). I've just been trying to get the ideas flowing as to how a system could be designed to work with both control methods and unrestricted cameras, so as to increase the chances we will have mouse support in the games to come.
  • xelanoimis;123086 said:
    Well, when such a discussion gets so long, it should mean something for the game's developers. On short, if you want to please the PC adventure players, you must support a point'n click interface. Even shorter, MOUSE is GOOD, KEYBOARD is BAD, MOUSE+KEYBOARD is even WORSE!

    Actually I am probably the minory of liking the new control scheme but because I play it with a gamepad. I really like the fact of having my notebook computer on the table and sitting in the couch with the gamepad in my hand and playing the game comfotably there. The controls really work out well for gamepads especially if you can play on a couch or sofa.
  • Well, I did not like the Idea of this control scheme, when I heard about it. Now I have played the whole first W&G Episode, and it is by far not as bad as it could be. I still prefer the controls of Sam and Max Season 2 (Mouse for Everything + Keyboard in Action scenes) and did almost everything I could using the mouse (everything except moving around, obviously, and opening the Inventory, see below), but I have no problems with theese controls either.

    But I have some suggestions about opening the Inventory:

    a) Open the Inventory with right Mouse button (would feel a bit more intuitive than using the middle mouse button... to me at least)
    b) Put a clickable Icon on the screen like in Sam and Max or SBCG4AP (maybe allow turning it off in the options )
    c) Open the Inventory when you move the mouse to the edge of the screen.

    Using the middle mouse button or hitting shift is okay, but I think it could be improved.
  • The majority of the time, I can go where I want to and do what I want.

    That wasn't the case in Grim Fandango.

    Personally, this works for me, though I would prefer point and click. Still, you need something for the consollers I guess.
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