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Tilted Mill vs Telltale Games

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Has anyone else been following this? Tilted Mill was all the former employees of Sierra who made those classic city building series such as Caesar III Pharoah etc etc. They were then fired by Sierra even though their games were hugely popular. They formeed their own company Tilted Mill and created their first game children of the nile.. They then made Caesar IV which was released by..guess who Sierra! It kind of gives me hope that Telltale could make a new "monkey island" game or lucasarts property and then have it released by lucasarts. They just have to come up with a plan that LucasArts would agree to. Telltale is making the game/just like tilted mill made Caesar IV, but maybe LucasArts and Telltale could jointly release it. LucasArts are sitting on these properties that they are not using, if Telltale is making the game for them, it may make sense to come to some sort of partnership, theres not much to lose for LucasArts. There is hope! The tilted Mill story mirrors telltale in a lot of ways..
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  • Monkey Island, Monkey Island... I know it's a popular license, but personally I'm not eagerly awaiting another installment, to be honest. I'm much more interested in something not based on an existing license. Something completely new. (But first more Bone and Sam & Max, of course!)

  • LucasArts is a heartless money machine with no feelings or remorses.
    But, hey, hope never dies:D
  • Wouldn't you say the same for Sierra? And hey they came around..
  • Game Informer interview with Dan Connors of Telltale and David Reid of Gametap:
    Game Informer: A lot of those LucasArts franchises are still very popular – you spoke about Day of the Tentacle. Is there a chance you’ll be able to wrangle a few more of those away for more episodes? Are you working on that at all?

    Dan Connors: It’s definitely on our minds and it’s definitely something we think about. Maybe I can give you more information a while from now. It’s definitely something that makes good sense to everybody. For them it’s the same thing. For them it’s "What’s the business model? What’s the retail model?" It’s not their type of game – it’s not Star Wars, it’s not with the movie, with the lightsaber – an action game. When trying to do the two things at the same time it makes it challenging. They’ve been trying to figure out the right solution, and hopefully Telltale is part of it.
  • Hero1;14104 said:
    Wouldn't you say the same for Sierra? And hey they came around..
    Yeah, they've turned into real philanthropists this time. :D

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    Erwin;14095 said:
    Something completely new. (But first more Bone and Sam & Max, of course!)

    One thing that a good friend mentioned last year to me and then was mentioned again by Heather at the Adventure Gamers developers chat was Amelie. An incredible, fun and profound movie and well suited to an adventure game. Graphically I don't know if the 3D engine would be good for it.* I would think more of a Marc Chagall style:


    The other movie that is coming out on Nov. 22 in the States is The Fountain. The movie looks awesome and would make a very cool game as well (to me at least ;) ).

    *Edit: Thinking on that statement, I'm not a programmer so I'm not qualified to say what engine would be suited. I think I mean more that the cartoon style characters wouldn't be suited for it and I would even say the more realistic characters like you see in the CSI game wouldn't work for me either. It would be neat to see a touch of wimsy but elegant at the same time.
  • I didn't really like most of the games sierra made. After playing a lucas adventure I didn't buy anymore quest games. I hated it when I had to load, restart or quit.
    As for Caesar it was ok. I played one of them. I think it was III. It was ok from what I remember of it.
  • Caesar III was awesome.. I wasted way too many hours on the game.. very addictive! :D
  • Yeah, Caesar3 was awesome, great game!
    As for Sierra adventure games... let's say I could appreciate just some of them! Lots of them were clones, and I remember I was scared by others when I was a little kid :D
    The Colonel's Bequest frightened me a lot, it wasn't fun to die every minute in millions of cruel ways, like crushed by the chandelier or ate by crocodiles, or smashed in the face by a horse.
    And there were puzzles made just to make you die, like oiling the old statue just to cut you off in pieces.
    That's the reason why I've always thought LucasArts is totally better than Sierra.
  • Yes LucasArts was better. Police Quest was a great series though..
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