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Sign for Bone 3!

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 21.9K users
It's time to get serious - that's right, an online petition! :D Sign here to try and get Telltale to start work on a third Bone game!
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  • TrogLlama;58110 said:
    There are 9 Bone books. 7 have been released in full color by Scholastic.
    The titles are:
    1. Out from Boneville
    2. The Great Cow Race
    3. Eyes of the Storm
    4. The Dragonslayer
    5. Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border
    6. Old Man's Cave
    7. Ghost Circles
    8. Treasure Hunters
    9. Crown of Horns
    This should answer your question.
    holy crap they're up to ghost circles in color??

    man i need to acquire these. i have all the books, but only out from boneville in color.
  • All of them are in colour now, Duate. :) TrogLlama's post was at the start of 2008.
  • Signed.

    I came for the continuation of Lucas Arts adventure games such as Sam and Max and now Monkey Island. Wallace and Gromit were a surefire buy because I love that duo, and Telltale at this point has mastered episodic adventure games. Bones and Strong Bad were secondary purchases that I mostly broke down and bought because of the $5 deal. I regret not purchasing them earlier as they stand up there with any other Telltale adventure game as well as adventure games in general. This series needs to be finished. Want my money? I will pay for 7 more acts Telltale if they even match the quality of the first two.
  • signed

    I really enjoyed the games although i haven´t even heard about the comics before.
  • Well i finally got GCR on my monkey island package and man, it was great. Imagine my shock at finding out the series didnt wrap up with it :O! (i had no prior knowledge of the bone series btw, silly me) It was a very fun game, and i definitely think they should keep it going. SIGNED!
  • Bone (the game) turned me on to Bone (the books). What a wonderful thing. Please, please, please make Bone 3.
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