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Arrrrr... It's the epic Monkey Island™ "Did You Try" list, matey!

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Do you know what is so epic about this list, it's because it's not about one of Monkey Island™ games, but all of them, including the new one TMI™. The few ones I remember are only from Curse of Monkey Island™

So in Curse of Monkey Island™ did you try...
[SPOILER]giving the arm back to Murray[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]using the ventroliquisim book with every one you meet[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]giving some gum to Murray[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]putting the pin on the vodoo doll again[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]using the burning piece of wood with the vodoo doll[/SPOILER]
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  • thin029;141278 said:
    I love the topic's name!
    Thank you!
  • Just look at all the "Secrets" sections here. Topic over. :p
  • Haggis;141389 said:
    Just look at all the "Secrets" sections here. Topic over. :p
    Nope! It doesn't tell all the responses, use one item with a cetain object or character!
  • From Monkey Island 2

    [Spoiler]Find out what colour the tree is from Herman Toothrot[/spoiler]

    [Spoiler]Examine the Keep Left sign in the shop on Booty Island[/Spoiler]
  • That one is not on the secrets page, but I remember that this happened to me when I was playing MI in the 90ies.

    I don't remember exactly where it was, but...
    [SPOILER]In one of the two first games you could fall from a cliff and die. No, not really die. You saw a picture of the falling Guybrush for a moment and were asked if you want to load a game, restart or quit. A split second later Guybrush was catapulted back. He said something about a rubber tree down there. When I replayed the games a few days ago I couldn't find it any more. It's either in SoMI when you get Herman's paddles or in LCR at the cliff where the map is.[/SPOILER]
  • LogicDeLuxe said:
    It's what happens when you;)
    In case you were searching for it in the Sega-CD version, it's broken there.
    Guess it's that. No, I wasn't searching in the SEGA-version, what I own is the CD-ROM version. Maybe it's just in the 3,5" version?
  • Yep, just tried. Thanx. I just had been at the wrong place. Nice joke, isn't it?
    The was a [SPOILER]rubber tree[/SPOILER] in CoMI... guess that was one of these special jokes.
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