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Need help with episode 2

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Can someone please, give me a hint on how to get the valuable item to trade with Bubs for the Homsar artifact?
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    You'll need to get Strong Sad sick... or at least he thinks he's sick. What were the symptoms he's worried about again? ;)
  • Ok, I got the valuable organ now, thanks for your help! ^^
  • for any others who don't know how and are too lazy to check the walkthrough...

    Head left, to Bubs'. You can try to get him to join Strong Badia, but he says that Concessionstantinople is neutral territory. He's selling imports from the various countries, including some that aren't quite legal. Ask Bubs for a cheap souvenir by asking about the concession stand twice, and he'll offer to sell you a slightly broken clockwork Strong Bad. (If you didn't pick up the money in Strong Badia, you'll have to go back there and get it first.)

    Go through the rest of the conversation topics with Bubs. He mentions the black market, but claims he has nothing to do with it. The way he says it sure is suspicious, though. End the conversation, then go to the area behind Bubs' concession stand. There's a door with a peep hole here. Knock on the door to get Bubs' attention. This is the black market he was hinting at! He's fresh out of weapons and organs, but he does have one artifact left. It's from an illegal excavation in the Homsar Reservation, and he's not willing to sell it, but he'll trade it for something equally valuable. You're not carrying anything worth trading at the moment, but keep it in mind for later. Some tonsils or a nice pretendix would probably do the trick.

    Strong Sad is here, serving as Strong Badia's new cultural advisor. He has a fanny pack, a first aid kit, and a huge trunk with him. Over to the right, you'll find Homsar floating in mid-air. Try talking to him and you'll find that Homsar isn't very easy to understand.

    Go back to Strong Sad and talk to him about Homsar and his language. He'll tell you that archeologists believe a collection of ancient artifacts might be the key to unlocking the secrets of Homsar's language. Make sure to ask about a drink. Strong Sad will freak out, thinking that by drinking the water, he's acquired a terrible disease. Press him further by asking how he feels, and he'll tell you the symptoms of acute aphasic pretendacitis. First you get a high fever. Then you start shaking uncontrollably. In the worst stages, you can't even understand language. Didn't Bubs say something about trading you an ancient artifact for a pretendix? Let's see if we can't use Strong Sad's paranoia to our own advantage.

    First, take a look at the first aid kit on the trunk. Strong Sad will grab the thermometer and stick it in his mouth. (You can't be too careful, traveling in foreign lands.) Take the lighter from your inventory and use it on the thermometer. Now Strong Sad thinks he has a bad fever! Next, slip the Strong Bad wind-up doll into Strong Sad's fanny pack. He'll start shaking uncontrollably, just like the doctor ordered. Finally, go back over to Homsar and engage him in conversation by selecting the icon of Strong Bad with the yellow derby hat on it. Strong Bad will pretend he understands Homsar's language, sending Strong Sad over the edge. He runs off to find a doctor.

    As it turns out, the Homsar Reservation has subsidized health care. Even better, they let Strong Sad keep his removed pretendix in a jar! Take it, and head over to Bubs'. Go behind the concession stand and knock on the "black market" door. Give Strong Sad's pretendix to Bubs and he'll trade you a pottery shard from the Homsar Reservation.
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