The "stop laughing at me" quote (spoilers ep 2 and 5)

In episode two of The Wolf Among Us, Bigby and Snow are asking Toad's boy some questions and he said that he heard Lily's killer say "Stop laughing at me."
Now that we know Georgie is the killer, does it ever explain if he is the one who said that or why he said it??


  • Yes. In episode 4 if you remember when your walking with tiny tim and he asks you to wait for him if you refuse and go to the door but not open it you hear them talking and the reason he was saying that was because the rest of the crooked man crew were laughing at him. I don't remember the exact reason but I'm pretty sure it explain it. I think it was because he did a sloppy job with faith I don't remember but yeah.

  • To expand upon batman's comment, Jersey can be heard laughing, to which Georgie responds "What'd I tell you? Stop laughin' at me."

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