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Max's floating head

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After freeing Sam from Brady's spell, I'm in the office with multiple Bradys. I've dealt with the cheese-Brady, the TV-Brady and the light-Brady.

I can't figure out how to deal with the Brady head on Max's body, though. I've found that the One Way sign reverses gravity for me and Max, but I haven't found a way to get either Max or Brady to move so that I can make use of this.

And I haven't figured out what to do with the smoke, water cooler, coatrack or hand of JJ.
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  • See this topic:

    Also, I think out of the watercooler, hand of JJ, coatrack, and smoke, you need to worry about the watercooler. For my game, what I had to do was set up the dream sequence to have characteristics of a friend getting one year older. Maybe the watercooler has something to do with a symbol of death?
  • Maratanos" said:
    Yeah, you're totally right! When Brainiac4 mentioned the other four things my mind switched back to the first dream sequence and forgot which one he was talking about. Marantanos's solution should work.
  • I read in another post that the watercolor had something to do with death (maybe it is "nothing in the watercooler; nothing refreshing). I didn't try the first sequence without the water coolor, so I wouldn't know. Just passing on what might have been the solution or a helpful hint.
  • Thanks, Maratanos. And thank you, AstareGod, for trying. :)
  • I went back and tried that combination anyway, Sybil+Wedding Cake+Gun, looking for a possible greek tragety reference, alas...
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