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How are you preparing yourself for Tales of Monkey Island?

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Well everyones getting excited about the new Monkey Island game coming out, i know i am,i havent played any of the TellTale games before,so i thought id download a demo of Sam & Max,after downloading, to my suprize it didnt play and kept coming up with an error of that i need Direct 3D,checked everything, but nothing worked,i was worried that i wouldnt be able to play Tales of Monkey Island on the day of release

so i decided that i need to buy a new graphics card,something cheap and cheerful,went into my local "computer exchange"(2nd hand game retailer),now i need a AGP card (yeah i know there pretty old now) and i saw a Geforce 4 128mb DDR card for only £8.00, which was a bargin for that price,came home to try it out my pc,and it didnt work,the card was faulty(and yes i have tried it on other pc's to find out) i guess when they say things are too good to be true, then generally are,i tried my dads graphics card in my machine(it was a Geforce MX4000, 128MB DDR) and Sam & Max played like a charm,now the company i bought my cheap card from said i had only 48Hrs to return it, or i have 12 months warrenty on it, i returned it today and got myself a Geforce fx 5500 128MB DDR for only £15.00(i think they retail at £30.00 or more) the was a raddieon 9250, but i heard that wasnt that good,so ive taken the card home,fingers crossed......................................and it worked!!!

i went through all this trouble,just so i can play my all time favourite game, now my question to you guys is,do you have any stories to tell on if you had to do something extra just so you can play Tales of Monkey Island
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  • To prepare I have started carrying random inventory in my pants in case I need to use them later.... You know, gotta stay in practice or you lose it.
  • I'm keeping psyched by reading and looking at piratey stuff. Reading Polly and the Pirates right now, going to read George MacDonald Frasier's The Pyrates and a book on Grace O'Malley. Got "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" stuck in my head since yesterday, and started making up new verses to go with it. Probably going to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean soon.

    oh, and I really hope they used CHARTS in the game this time. Not maps, CHARTS. >:P
  • I beat the other four Monkey Island games to catch up. Then went back to those old Monkey Island fansites that i havn't visited in years like the Scumm Bar.
  • I'm not, really. It's just gonna kind of hit me when it's out and I'm just gonna freak out without any preparation at all. The fact that I'm preparing to move to a new area of the city by packing and stuff probably has a hand in that as well...
  • As Ganon Sheik is doing, Playing through all 4 MI games again, currently on CMI at mo not far from finishing it
  • iv been playing the old games, and reliving my youth! cant wait for the new games!!!!:-D
  • I just hang around here and post stupid things! Yeah!
  • Last week I played MI1 + MI2 (ScummVM@PSP), yesterday I finished MI3 (ScummVM@PC) and started MI4 with the higher-resolution-patch.
  • Cyphox;142885 said:
    I just hang around here and post stupid things! Yeah!
    Me too, and I read and do crappy fan art everyone seems to hate LOL.
  • I'm part way through MI3 in my replaying of all 4... only 6 days to finish two games with as little help from walkthroughs as possible. Will I succeed? Nail biting tension...

    *edit only 4 days because I'm away for two. Erk!
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