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Episode 1: Act 3, Queen Bee bug?

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Were trying to get OUT of the dashbored view in the car chase sequence in fright of the bumblebees act 3. Says to press B to exit, but it doesnt work. Cannot figure out how to get out of the dash view?
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  • That seems to be the infamous "cannot escape close-up view" bug that several people have experienced in several W&G episodes and situations already, not only for the Xbox version of the game, but also for the PC version. - Telltale has been aware of the bug for at least 6 weeks now, but it seems that their tight schedules and/or low budget and/or limited resources do not allow them to work on a fix for this issue (yet); except for the 3rd episode where people got stuck in a very similar simulation and Telltale released a new version of the game only one day after the official release.

    Anyway, the problem does not occur every time you play the game (which makes it hard to track), so my general recommendation is to save a bookmark at the beginning of each act. Thereby it will take you a couple of minutes only in case you run into a bug like this again. - I know that this does not help you if you have not done this before, and yes, I agree that this should only be a work around, and it would be Telltale's responsibility to fix the problem. - But fact is they have not done so yet.
  • Encountered something similar in Muzzled! after helping Paneer, it did eventually let Gromit out of the close up, though. [SPOILER]Also encountered a "phantom Digger". I had helped Twitch, but had not gotten the wrench back or used it yet. Niether Digger or the wrench was actually present, but since it thought Digger WAS there, I could not use another fortune cookie. Therefore, poor Gromit had to spend his days slaving for Muzzle, as he could not get the wrench back.[/SPOILER]
  • Murray the Chao;142863 said:
    Also encountered a "phantom Digger".
    I can confirm that. This is what happened to me when I played the game first. As it was quite obvious how to open the hatch of the Muzzler, I suspected a bug and did not waste much time before loading the bookmark I had placed at the beginning of that chapter. Therefore it took me just about 5 minutes to get back to that scene, so I almost forgot about it. - For that second try everything worked as expected then.

    (Maybe one of the moderators can move this thread to the "Game Support" forum, as this is not really about hints!?)
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